7 ways to wear cargo pants that we are going to try 100%

Orin Carlin

As for the pants tendencies come on, right now we’re still completely into cargo pants. “But they are so 20 years ago!” you scream in anguish. Well, absolutely. But that’s kind of the point – in fact, the “noughties girl-band” vibe has pretty much been our dress code for the past few years, thanks to fashion’s unwavering obsession with the Y2K aesthetic.

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And cargo pants are the supermodel-approved pants trend at its head — and we’ve got the likes of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner thank. Not that it’s a competition or anything, but of all his adoring fans, we think pants style’s greatest ally is Hailey Bieber. This summer we couldn’t get enough of her low-rise Balenciaga pair borrowed from her husband Justinand just last week we were bowled over by the retro version of the supermodel she debuted Paris fashion weekflares. You heard it here the first time.

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It’s clear that cargo pants aren’t going anywhere, so it’s imperative that we put their versatility to the test. As usual, fashion month has spawned a whole new set of killer street style moments, with fashion insiders pairing their cargo pants with bandeaus, mesh bodysuits, leather blazers and micro shirts. Prepare for this season and choose your poison…

Good morning! Fashion shares the best way to wear cargo pants:

Cargo pants style with… a quilted vest

We take inspiration from influencer Pernille Teisbaek who served up major utilitarian vibes with pastel pink cargo pants alongside a padded gilet layered over a black polo neck.

Cargo pants style with… a mesh bodysuit

The gothic color palette is another look that is making its mark in this season’s trend forecast. We can’t do without mesh jumpsuits under low-rise cargo pants for a sense of depth.

Cargo pants style with… a micro shirt

Miu Miu’s scaled-down tops are all the rage right now, and a micro shirt paired with neutral high-rise cargo pants should be high on your dressing agenda this season.

Cargo pants style with… a sleeveless sweater

A pop of color alongside an otherwise monochromatic ensemble is a concept we can’t wait to recreate this fall.

Cargo pants style with… trendy mules

Dial up the drama with a pair of geometric mules to carry your cargo pants from day to night.

Cargo pants style with… a vibrant shoulder strap

Semi-sheer cargo pants paired with the drama of a striking accessory are such a shoutout this season.

Cargo pants style with… a headband

No outerwear, no problem. This fall, we’re braving the cold in the name of fashion – we’re serious about charcoal cargo pants paired with a classic black bandeau.

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