ACL Airshop to Announce Growth Plans at Air Cargo Tech Summit and Air Cargo India

GREENVILLE, South Carolina, May 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Airshop ACLa technology leader in the market for air cargo products and services, is pleased to be present Air freight India in Mumbai, India on May 31stJune 2, 2022and the Air Cargo Technology Summit in Miami, Florida on June 6-7, 2022. The company will present its growth plans in the India region, and its latest technological innovations with the efficiency of Bluetooth freight tracking. Airshop ACLwith more than 200 airlines as customers, offers specialized air cargo ULD leasing, maintenance, manufacturing, repair and logistics services through more than 55 of the world’s top 100 cargo airports on six continents. Airshop ACL continues to make steady progress to develop the network in all its dimensions, accelerated by investments in new market-leading logistics and tracking technologies. Based at South Carolina United States and with its main international headquarters in Amsterdam NL, the company has grown strategically over the past five years, follow and pivot with its customers as they keep pace with market demands. (PRNewsfoto/ACL Airshop)” alt=”ACL Airshop logo. ACL Airshop is a technology-driven air cargo manufacturing and logistics services specialist with expert coverage at over 50 of the world’s top 100 cargo airports on 6 continents, serving 200 of the world’s leading airlines and other transport customers. For more information, visit (PRNewsphoto/ACL Airshop)”>

ACL Airshop – Technology-based air cargo ULD services and equipment at 55 global airports on 6 continents.

the Air freight India congress in Bombay departure May 31stst offers new business opportunities, global perspectives and strong networking platforms for its stakeholders. India’s air cargo sector continues to be among the top global markets for both domestic and international players. Expanding cargo handling infrastructure at airports, demand for fast delivery, increasing trade and commerce, and increasing number of operating flights are some of the major reasons for this growth. Maurice van Terheijden, general manager of ACL Airshop for the business of this region, will be an expert panelist for “Cross-border e-commerce and its impact on air freight.”

the Air Cargo Technology Summit covers the latest developments in digital transformation and technology affecting the air cargo industry. Air Cargo World magazine hosted the conference, covering the link between industry developments in technologies that help freight forwarders, shippers and airlines improve their operations.Harold Elfring, Global Chief Technology and IT Officer of ACL Airshop , will be an expert panelist for “Staying Safe: Advances in ULDs and Cargo Restraint Techniques and TechnologiesThis segment will cover topics such as improving digital visibility into ULD health, ULD inspection and maintenance technologies, and maintaining safety through better ULD design. Mr. Elfring will also announce at the conference ACL Airshop’s Latest Advances in Bluetooth Tracking Innovationsrevealing a new design and tested in the field ULD tagfor installation in the seat rails of cargo pallets. This product enhancement is being rolled out to several major customers.

Steve Townes, President and CEO of ACL Airshopmentioned: “Airshop ACL continues to move forward and innovate for its customers. We have experienced unprecedented growth, following our hundreds of airline customers throughout the pandemic. Our resilience and speed have been tested, and we continue to be strong, mainly thanks to our High performance culture.”

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