Approval given for transport services

Three contracts were approved at a recent meeting of Fayette County Commissioners, all three between the Fayette County Department of Employment and Family Services (FCDJFS) and the County of Fayette Community Action Commission. Fayette (CAC).

The first contract approved between FCDJFS and CAC provides transportation services to qualified residents of the county. Fayette County transportation services will be $ 2.35 per mile, with the maximum that can be paid under the contract being set at $ 50,000 between October 1 of this year and September 30 of next year.

The second contract between FCDJFS and CAC provides expanded work-related transportation to qualified residents under the Ohio Works First and Prevention, Retention and Emergency program. The fare for transportation will be $ 20 per trip outside the city limits and a fare of $ 5.50 per trip inside the city limits. Transportation out of the county will be paid at $ 2.35 per mile. The maximum allowed to be paid under the contract is set at $ 20,000 between October 1 of this year and September 30 of next year and will be funded by TANF.

The final contract between FCDJFS and CAC provides for an Ohio Start Family mentor to serve families referred by the Public Children Service Agency (PCSA) due to abuse with substance abuse as the primary risk factor. The maximum allowed to be paid under the contract is $ 50,000 from October 1 of this year to September 30 of next year and will be funded by the Ohio Start Program.

An amendment has been approved for a contract with Marquee Construction, Inc. for a project in which repairs are being made outside the Fayette County courthouse. The amendment adds an additional 40 person-hours to allow grinding, grouting and caulking of mortar joints to prevent water damage. The additional cost is $ 2,100.

Two resolutions were signed. The first of these resolutions, on the recommendation of County Engineer Steve Luebbe, approves a labor agreement that governs the wages, hours, terms and other conditions of employment of County Engineer employees.

The second resolution authorizes the sale of the county property located at 110 W. Market Street in Washington CH, as the property was no longer deemed necessary for county purposes. It will be sold through a live auction.

At the last Fayette County Land Bank meeting, County Treasurer Penny Patton presented the Treasurer’s Report with an opening balance of $ 217,060.89. The second half of a mobile home settlement of $ 114.86 was received, advertising expenses in the amount of $ 376.66 were paid, state audit expenses of $ 779 were paid and a Community Action Commission administration fee of $ 1,143.71 was paid – for a balance of $ 214,876.38.

Title work has been completed on the following properties, and the prosecutor’s office will continue to review and present its findings at the next land bank meeting: 433 E. Court St., 738 E. Paint St., 1226 E. Paint St., 1228 E. Paint St., 543 Albin Ave., 520 Carolyn Road, 414 Earl Ave., 734 S. Fayette St., 318 Florence St., 615 E. Paint St., 1221 E. Paint St., 419 Western Ave. , 304 S. North St., 503 S. North St., 310 Cherry St., 1227 Willard St., 1226 E. Paint St., 710 Clinton Ave., 903 S. North St. and 803 N. North St.

The attorney’s office is in the process of filing with the Board of Revisions the foreclosure of 11880 St. Rt. Property 38 NE.

Meeting minutes explain that Commissioner Dan Dean reported on the Ohio State Biennial Budget, which includes $ 350 million in one-time spending for brownfield cleanup, remediation and revitalization , as well as $ 150 million for the demolition of vacant and abandoned commercial premises. and residential sites. Each county will receive $ 1 million that can be spent on brownfield remediation, and an additional $ 500,000 for the demolition of commercial and residential buildings and the revitalization of surrounding properties on non-brownfield sites. Both programs will be administered by the Ohio Department of Development, board member Dan Drake will continue to oversee the program and an application will be submitted as appropriate.

The next meeting of the land reserve is tentatively scheduled for October 25 at 10:30 a.m. on the second floor of the administration building.

Stay with the Record-Herald each week for more updates from Fayette County Commissioners. The Fayette County Commissioners’ office is located at 133 S. Main St., Suite 401 at Washington Court House, and their hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 8 am to 4 pm. They can be reached at 740-335-0720. Condensed minutes of meetings are available on the county website.

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