Architectural Engineering Services – A Commitment to Building Design and Construction

Architectural Engineering Services – A Commitment to Building Design and Construction

Home addition and renovation services

Home addition and renovation services

Tejjy Inc. Bathroom Renovation Services

Tejjy Inc. Bathroom Renovation Services

Architectural Drafting Proficient in DC

Architectural Drafting Proficient in DC

Basement renovation services

Basement renovation services

Architectural engineering services provide unlimited opportunities to explore the potential of a space and create structures to enhance aesthetic and social well-being.

For optimal construction planning and installation, we ensure the creation of realistic construction models. Our architectural engineering services are executed through space planning, design and contract management”

— Soukh Singh

WASHINGTON DC, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, USA, June 2, 2022 / — Architecture offers unlimited opportunities to explore the potential of a space for building development. Architectural engineers are at the forefront of addressing a variety of concerns, from reducing greenhouse gas emissions to creating resilient buildings. Major architectural and engineering services include research and suggestion reports, planning, design and preparation, among others. Architectural design construction company Tejjy Inc. in the United States provides AEC stakeholders with the knowledge and skills to effectively design, construct, manage and maintain your construction facilities.

A brief on architectural engineering, design and drafting:

Tejjy offers a wide range of architectural engineering design and drafting services, including interior design, general planning, 3D modeling, working drawings, BOQ, tender drawings and documents and green building design documentation. Architectural engineering, also known as building engineering or architectural engineering, is a multidisciplinary engineering discipline. It deals with the technological aspects and the multidisciplinary approach to the planning, design, construction and operation of buildings. Several aspects of construction are included such as analysis and integrated design of environmental systems including energy conservation, HVAC, plumbing, lighting, fire protection, acoustics, transportation vertical and horizontal, power supply systems, etc.

Architects and engineers create buildings using the latest scientific knowledge and technology. As a result of significant technological advancements, architectural engineering became a relatively new licensed profession in the 20th century. Architectural engineers are at the forefront of two huge historic opportunities the world is currently experiencing: the rapid advancement of computing technology and the simultaneous revolution resulting from the desire to build a sustainable planet. Architectural engineering includes the art and science of engineering and construction applied to buildings, as opposed to architecture as the art of design.

Function of the architectural engineering firm – A process-based approach:

For several design and construction projects, general contractors, architects and engineers around the world are working on various design and drafting works for healthcare, retail, commercial and residential buildings. Commercial architecture firm Tejjy Inc. in the USA provides design drawings to client specific drafting standards as they have a deep understanding of global codes. These services are bolstered by in-house BIM capabilities through improved design, estimating and visualization collaboration.

• Tender Drawings, BOQ
• Assistance with architectural design
• General planning
• Design and detailed design
• Drawings of interior details
• Landscape drawings

A senior architectural engineer from Tejjy Inc. added, “We do everything from challenging design to time-consuming drafting work, and our clients benefit from our technical maturity, domain understanding, and process-based approach.

Architectural design assistance:

Architecture offers unlimited possibilities to explore the potential of a space and to create structures that can enhance the aesthetic and social well-being of individuals and communities. Tejjy Inc. provides construction plans and unique building designs.

Sukh Singh said, “For optimal construction planning and installation, we ensure that realistic construction models are created. We have completed a large number of projects and have a long list of satisfied customers. Our architectural engineering services are typically performed on behalf of clients through space planning and design, and contract management.

Drywall Details:

Through years of experience in the detailing of drywall systems, Tejjy Inc. has developed clever solutions to reduce the time needed to draw the intricate drywall details required in large projects. Architectural firm BIM specializes in drywall for hospitals where design complexity is highest and can detail anchors, cutouts, studs, spacers and other details quickly and accurately using blocks dynamic and self-developed component libraries. Tejjy draftsmen, with the help of engineers, highlight conflicts and coordination issues for the client, avoiding constructability issues on site. They also provide solutions tailored to project needs, resulting in increased productivity.

Architectural and engineering services provided by Tejjy Inc.:

Tejjy provides a wide range of architectural engineering services in Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia, Baltimore and other areas of the United States:

• 2D and 3D Floor Plan Design – In construction, a 2D floor plan helps architects, engineers, contractors, and buyers better grasp the design with a 3D floor layout.
• Renovation and Remodeling – 3D BIM modeling services for residential and commercial structures assist in renovation and remodeling projects.
• Home extension and renovation – Professional house extension and renovation services for architects and engineers add value to home extension services.
• Restoration of Historic Buildings – Restoring historic structures to their former beauty and bringing them up to modern standards can help preserve history.
• Scan to BIM Services – Scan to BIM services are accurate methods of producing BIM as-built models and as-built drawings from existing structures.
• Shop Drawings – BIM engineers develop shop drawings to translate design intent into the information manufacturers need to build, build, assemble, and install the product.
• Construction Documents – Tejjy architectural BIM engineers create detailed and accurate CD sets for architectural services and communicate design intent. The company’s BIM engineers provide high-quality as-built architectural drawings and BIM models for commercial, real estate and residential projects.
• Restaurant Design: Tejjy has a team of talented restaurant designers who produce stunning designs for high end restaurants, food outlets, dining rooms and fast food restaurants.
• Kitchen Remodeling: Using BIM architectural modeling and cutting-edge kitchen remodeling technologies, Tejjy Inc.’s BIM engineers create the kitchen of your choice while respecting your budget.
• Bathroom Remodel: Architectural engineers renovate and remodel bathrooms with new fixtures, resulting in a luxurious space you can enjoy for years to come. Discover more details on bathroom renovation services.
• Basement pinning: Basement ceiling heights are raised by architectural consultants to make the space more livable and improve the square footage of the property.

Tejjy’s work philosophy:

Tejjy Inc. believes that well-designed environments contribute to the well-being of people and communities. To help clients see their visions, skilled architects, engineers, surveyors, contractors and BIM modelers develop architectural design drawings and 3D BIM models. As one of the largest design-build firms in the United States, Tejjy Inc.’s priority is to provide smooth, accurate construction drawings to ensure a smooth construction process. Throughout 16 years in the industry, Tejjy has maintained a reputation based on integrity by treating customers honestly and professionally while completing a range of tasks.

Tejjy Inc. – the best choice for architectural and engineering services:

As one of the leading commercial architecture firms in the United States, Tejjy Inc. uses state-of-the-art design and technology. The architects and building designers of Tejjy Inc. have over 16 years of experience creating architectural projects and custom solutions for AEC clients. Engineers and architects adhere to the United States building code, American standards, and local government regulations. To learn more, contact Tejjy Inc., one of the most knowledgeable architectural engineering service providers in the United States, at 202-465-4830 or [email protected]

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