Bangalore: Allowed to work, engineering colleges see low attendance | Bangalore News

BENGALURU: Although engineering colleges in Bengaluru have been allowed to operate, they report very low attendance, with many colleges saying only around half of students turn up.
College management says fear of Covid-19 is a major constraint. With infections rising sharply, parents fear sending their wards to college despite their vaccination status. A second-year student claimed: “Colleges are not following Covid protocols. Everyone sits together, eats together, and hangs out together. Several campuses have reported multiple cases of Mong students.
State Engineering College Faculty Association President Rajashekhar VN said, “Faculty from various colleges say attendance is around 50%. This varies from department to department. Parents are scared and many have transport problems. Some community hostels are also closed. ”
However, many believe attendance will increase after S Sankranti on Saturday. KM Babu of AMC Institutions Group said many freshmen have returned to their hometowns.
“When the government initially announced the closure of engineering colleges, many parents came to pick up their children,” Babu said. “They could come back after Sankranti. Many wanted online courses and our faculty organizes online courses for them. ”
HN Ramesh, head of Visvesvaraya University College of Engineering, said one of the main reasons for low attendance is the closure of community hostels. “Government order said colleges affiliated with VTU can operate. UVCE is affiliated with BU and these students are not allowed in hostels. The government must include UVCE in its order,” he said.
Karisidappa, vice-chancellor of Visvesvaraya Technological University, said a minimum attendance of 85% is mandatory for students to take the exams. “Colleges should encourage and insist that students attend classes,” he said. “They should run classes with strict Covid protocols in place. They are also free to organize classes in batches or teams if necessary. ”
Strong attendance at board exam classes
Schools in Bangalore said attendance is high in classes that face board exams. The government allowed grades 10-12, medical and paramedical courses, in addition to engineering schools, to operate from campuses.
“Attendance is normal in these classes. If we find a student with symptoms, we send them home,” said Dr Sashi Kumar, secretary of the Primary and Secondary Schools Management Association.
Tejaswi Ballari, Director of Poorprajna Education Center in Srikrishnanagar, said: “Although parents are worried, they are sending their children to school because of the importance of the council exams. We have completed most parts and the review is due. »

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