Best Senior Transportation Services


Why we chose it: Veyo is a full-service non-emergency medical transportation broker that works directly with state government agencies and healthcare organizations to manage transportation for Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries.

  • Paid directly by insurance

  • Does not require a smartphone to use the services but is compatible with smartphones

  • Easy to book transport

The inconvenients
  • Not available in all states

  • Only for non-emergency medical transport

  • Unable to register for Veyo individually

Veyo is a senior transportation service for non-emergency medical transportation that coordinates with Medicare and Medicaid providers. Your insurance plan may cover non-emergency medical transportation, making you a candidate for using Veyo.

You don’t need a smartphone to use Veyo; simply call the call center directly and request trips as needed. However, if you have a smartphone, a handy app is available to track trips in real time. All drivers contracted through Veyo undergo background checks, drug testing, CPR training, and ADA/HIPAA/customer sensitivity training. All vehicles have four doors, are newer than 2006 and have passed safety inspections.

There is no direct cost for using Veyo services and all expenses are paid directly by your insurer. You should work with your health plan to determine if they use Veyo and enroll before calling for your first ride.

Veyo is a great option for seniors with insurance coverage that covers non-emergency medical transportation costs and can help you book rides when needed. However, unfortunately, it only operates in Arizona, California, Connecticut, Florida, Michigan, Louisiana, and Virginia, with additional markets to come.

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