Bolt Express, an Industry Leader in Time Critical ™ Transportation Services, Celebrates 20 Years of Continuing Success

TOLEDO, Ohio, June 7, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Express Bolt announces its 20th anniversary as a leader in urgent transportation services. Ben Bauman, founder and owner, launched Bolt Express in 2001 to provide expedited service to the automotive industry. Bolt Express has since extended its services to a wide variety of customers and now serves United States, Canada, and Mexico.

“It’s a celebration of our employees and our drivers. Everything revolves around the team ”, declares Guy Sanderson, Chief Executive Officer of Bolt Express, “this is a strong reminder of how proud we are of them and how proud they should be of the role they have all played in all that we have accomplished, and above all, the type of business we have created. ” According to Sanderson, the key to their 20 years of healthy expansion has been the culture and core values ​​of the company. “Our greatest advantage as a company has been and continues to be our corporate culture,” said Sanderson.

Bolt Express acquired DSE Services from Daleville, Indiana, in 2014 and more recently, Premium Transportation. Both acquisitions, combined with increased sales, profit sharing incentives and a higher level of stakeholder value recognition, led to overall organic growth for the company. Vice President Bolt Express Michelle dunn says, “We consider the financial impact when making a decision, but we also consider the impact of that decision on our customers, our drivers, our employees and our community. This philosophy contributes to our success and lets our people know that they are part of something that has a bigger purpose. ”

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Bolt Express responded quickly and shifted its workforce to remote work. The company has found that it is up to the challenge of keeping employees informed and engaged. “We really haven’t missed anything. The pandemic has challenged us all,” Sanderson said, “and I think that made us even more focused on our mission, our core business values. We’re ready for the 20s. coming years.”

About Bolt Express: Based at Toledo, Ohio, Bolt Express Provides Time Critical â„¢ Transportation Solutions Everywhere United States, Canada, and Mexico. Bolt Express is committed to being the most trusted and trusted transportation service provider in North America. The desire to be the best in the industry is reflected in their attitude, their culture and the quality of their work.

Contact: Michelle dunn, Vice president
Telephone: 866.873.2658
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SOURCE Bolt Express

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