Bombardier to supply 44 additional metro trains to the Land Transport Authority

Singapore (Urban Transport News): The Land Transport Authority (LTA) has awarded a new contract to Bombardier Transport for the supply of 44 additional metro trainsets for the North-South and East-West (NSEWL) lines of the Singapore MRTS project.

“We are purchasing 40 additional new trains for our North-South and East-West lines from Bombardier Transport. These new trains will arrive in batches from 2024 to replace the 2nd and 3rd generation trains currently in service on the NSEWL, ”the statement said. issued by LTA.

Previously, LTA had also purchased 66 new trains from Bombardier Transport to replace the 1st generation trains that had served the North-South and East-West lines since 1987.

“This latest batch of 40 trains uses the same design and this will allow our engineers to deepen their skills and technical know-how in a single type of train,” the statement added.

Features of the new trains will include an integrated suite of condition monitoring functions for rapid fault detection, more open spaces for strollers and wheelchair users, on-board space fillers for boarding and disembarking more secure, and updated LCD screens showing information about train journeys.

Along with this contract, NSEWL operator SMRT Trains will sign a long-term support contract with Bombardier Transportation to cover the 106 new trains. Bombardier will also provide technical support and spare parts for train repairs and system upgrades or replacements for the first ten years.

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Cynthia D. Farfan