Cathay cargo arm implements Cargo iQ technology

(PHOTO: Cathay Pacific Cargo) iQ’s freight planning and monitoring technology, Freight into Warehouse control (FIW) and Freight out Warehouse control (FOW), has been implemented by Cathay Pacific Cargo in Hong Kong to improve freight visibility during operations warehouse and ramp handling.

Together with its ground handling subsidiary Cathay Pacific Services Limited (CPSL) and its data management platform provider Cargo iQ (CDMP) Global Logistics System (HK) Co. Ltd (GLSHK), the airline is became one of the first to incorporate FIW and FOW milestones, which were added to Cargo iQ’s Master Operating Plan (MOP) in March this year.

The Cargo iQ MOP outlines individual steps to measure the end-to-end journey of air cargo shipments. The addition of FIW and FOW to the MOP brings visibility and planning capabilities that were previously missing to the point of dispatch point handover between the warehouse handler and the ramp handler at the airport.

“Implementing FIW/FOW milestones brings collective benefits to airlines, ground handlers and the CDMP provider,” said Frosti Lau, general manager of cargo service delivery, Cathay Pacific. “Helpdesk agents have a clearer view of planned shifts for operational planning, while airlines will gain visibility into the handover process. This visibility could help identify potential areas for improvement in handling activities, and we are committed to refining our process to ensure that shipments are ready for customers as planned.

Cathay Pacific Cargo worked closely with CPSL and GLSHK to capture and update FIW/FOW data, with the entire project in Hong Kong taking approximately six months from planning to implementation. The airline is already planning to roll out the new tracking system across its global network.

“We believe airlines and ground handling agents are the parties that would see the most benefit from having visibility into both legs, and ultimately it secures the delivery promise to customers,” Lau added.

With these final steps, a Cargo iQ route map for an air cargo shipment gradually expands to monitor every segment of the supply chain, with the ultimate goal being complete supply chain visibility. “With their strong commitment to implementing these new events, Cathay Pacific Cargo and its partners in Hong Kong reinforce the importance and usefulness of monitoring the transfer point from warehouse to ramp and vice versa,” said Laura Rodriguez, Implementation and Quality Assurance Manager. , Cargo iQ. “With this information, the industry will be able to identify pain points and make vital improvements to operational processes. It also gives us, for the first time, the ability to visualize the entire warehouse process from start to finish in Cargo iQ. We are currently supporting all of our members in implementing these milestones, and we look forward to seeing the benefits of industry-wide adoption. »

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