China State Construction Engineering: Grande on B4 Project Holds Closing Ceremony

On November 29, 2021, the completion ceremony of the Grande project on plot B4 built by CSCEC ME was held on the site. Mr. Miguel Monteiro, Project Manager of Emaar, Mr. Phanindra Kommareddy, Project Manager of Emaar, Mr. Mohammed Azeldin, Representative of WSP Consultant, Mr. Tian Sanchuan, Executive Vice President of CSCEC ME, Mr. Zhu Jianchao, Vice Chairman of CSCEC ME, Mr. Lee Seehee, Deputy Chairman of CSCEC ME, Mr. Yang Shuai, Deputy Chairman of CSCEC ME, Mr. Yuan Bin, Executive Director General of CSCEC ME, attended the ceremony, accompanied other participants.

Since the start in April 2019, the project team has reached several milestones on time with high quality overcoming many challenges such as the COVID-19 pandemic, tight schedule, tight construction site and barrier of transport and storage of concrete. The project team also set a new record of a 4-day construction cycle. At the same time, the project achieved remarkable results in safety management and environmental protection and achieved “8 million safe working hours” and LEED Silver certification from the US Green Building. Council. The outstanding performance of the project was recognized by all parties and the team received several letters of appreciation from the Client and the Consultant, which consolidated CSCEC ME’s reputation in the high-end residential construction market and has increased awareness of the CSCEC brand.

During the closing ceremony, Mr. Miguel Monteiro, Emaar Project Director, expressed his gratitude and appreciation to CSCEC ME for overcoming the difficulties and completing the milestones on time. He said: “We are aware that the project has encountered many difficulties and that it is not easy to complete the closing process. But it has been a privilege to work with such an exceptional team and we are convinced that we will continue to work together and take on challenges until the completion of the project. ” Mr. Mohammed Azeldin, Representative of the Consultant, highly recognized the achievements of CSCEC ME in terms of project management, quality and HSE management as well as the capacity of the team in the construction of high-rise buildings, and he also congratulated the team for the smooth running of the project.

Mr. Tian Sanchuan, Executive Vice President of CSCEC ME, reviewed the memorable moments of the project, noting that the project encountered many difficulties at the beginning, but the team eventually made it to completion thanks to to the joint efforts of all parties. . He also expressed his gratitude to all parties and encouraged the project team to work harder.

The Grande on Plot B4 project is located in the Opera District of Downtown Dubai, which is the city’s essential financial district, next to the iconic Burj Khalifa skyscraper. It is the largest building invested by the Emaar group after Burj Khalifa. The project is a 287 meter high building, with a total built area of ​​180,000 m2, with 5 basements and 74 floors above ground housing 882 apartments.

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