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Marietta resident Donna Balachowski spoke to Marietta City Council on Thursday about the need for public transportation that runs later in the day. (Photo by Michele Newbanks)

The Marietta City Council streets and transportation committee met Thursday to discuss the possibility of after-hours transportation services.

Marietta resident Lisa Bouchard said a number of people in the Win Beri apartments cannot afford a taxi, cannot get prescriptions delivered and cannot go to the doctor. for laboratory tests.

“From the start, we wanted people to be able to come and go as they please, even if they are disabled,” she says. “We want people who are homeless to be able to use the bus or other transportation so they can look for full-time employment, take that bus or that transportation to and from their jobs.”

Councilor Geoff Schenkel said it might be beneficial to have a list of features they want to include in this additional public transport service.

Councilor Susan Boyer said they spent a lot of time looking into the issues.

“What we need is to tighten that up. I need you to tell us, precisely, a list, “ she says.

Bouchard said they need to be able to come and go as they please and be able to do so independently of Community Action’s transportation department.

“We want to go where we want, when we want, like any other city” Bouchard reiterated.

She said the Win Beri group worked with Julia Hinzman, mobility manager at Buckeye Hills Regional Council, to document unmet needs.

She said she has access to American Rescue Plan Act funding for research on people with currently unmet needs.

“At the end of this, we can see what we can actually come up with for a permanent solution,” she says. “We need to combine the two… do some research as we go on.”

She said it wasn’t just the Win Beri apartments that needed better public transport.

“It’s the people who are being denied those services that are available in other communities,” said Bouchard. “Even if they age in place. It’s lagging to the point where people who are already suffering and who want to be part of the process of accompanying you are suffering even more from mental illness than they were before.

She said other communities have buses that run until 10 p.m., unlike CABL buses that stop early in the day.

“Keep in mind that every day it’s not passed, every day we don’t work on details quickly and in a focused way, we’re sitting there after 3 in the afternoon, prisoners, literally oppressed…and that’s all I have to say,” said Bouchard.

Work will be done in the next few days on the needs that are not being met so that they can send out a request for proposal to move forward with the project.


In short :

¯ Transport services were discussed on Thursday evening.

¯ A group of seniors from Win Beri Apartments are advocating for better public transport for seniors and people with disabilities.

Source: Marietta Town Hall.

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