CS4’s COO for Special Projects and Maritime Logistics, Franz Rixgens, was on site when, on September 27, 2021, the fleet of 90 Mini 6.50 racing yachts crossed the start line in Les Sables d’Olonne (France) and left for their 4000 mile journey. The destination is Guadeloupe, French department of the Caribbean, for the 21st edition of MINITRANSAT.

The MINITRANSAT race is a solo race from Europe (French Atlantic coast) to the Caribbean. The skippers have no communication on their long passage and only receive weather reports once a day via the short wave radio. For more information on the race, please see www.minitransat.fr/fr – or on the home website of all MINI 6.50 sailors www.classemini.com

Crossing the Atlantic, without satellite weather routing or contact with the land, is no easy task.

“Apart from around the world, I don’t know of any other such extraordinary race. There are as many possible winners as there are competitors at the start, ”explains Jean-Luc Van Den Heede, who now has more than ten round-the-world races to his name.

As always, the crossing will take place in two stages but with a slightly adapted route. Departure from the town of Sables d’Olonne, with a stopover in Santa Cruz de La Palma in the Canaries, then arrival in Saint François in Guadeloupe. Ensuring rich contrast, varied emotions and lasting experiences.

Following a global call for tenders for the organization of the Mini 6.50 sailors, ClasseMini opted for the CS4 offer because of the better presentation, the better understanding of the possible bottlenecks of the project and a good project calculation.

Since May 2021, all logistical details of the trip have been examined, agents have been contacted and specialized handling companies both on the French Atlantic coast and in Guadeloupe have been visited, specific management has been discussed and procedures have been completed. been agreed.

On the same day the 90 yachts started their voyage, a number of 40 HC containers including CS4 Shippers Own containers were shipped from mainland France to Guadeloupe, containing various materials for the return, including the cradles on which the yachts will fit. in Europe.

Dedicated micro logistics will be needed when the nacelles are prepared in the port of Pointe à Pitre, Guadeloupe, in order to receive the yachts and prepare them for their return trip on the deck of a special chartered vessel.

While the majority of runners should reach Guadeloupe by mid-November, CS4 plans the return of the cargo for the first days of December, so that the sailboats arrive in Lorient (France) before Christmas.

The CS4 team will once again be on site in Guadeloupe to supervise and organize the construction of the nacelles, the correct loading and stowage of the yachts, and finally the loading to the cargo ship.

CS4 Logistics offers its special maritime services to seafarers in seaports around the world. Franz Rixgens says: “Our experience in logistics and supply chain management is combined with our long individual experience as sailors, with a special relationship with the yacht racing scene, in particular (but without s ‘limit) with the Mini 6.50. “

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About CS 4:
CS4 Logistics is a medium-sized logistics company, independent of external investors.
The CS4art division, which opened in 2018, offers “Aviation + Security Services” at Frankfurt Airport (and other airports) individual physical supervision of valuable air cargo shipments by its own employees. Equipped with FRAport AG badges, employees have access to all areas of the airport, using special apron vehicles. Freight pallets and containers are escorted until loading. CS4art also offers packaging and crate manufacturing concepts dedicated to fragile objects.
This independence as well as flexibility, reliability and customer proximity are the “4” key factors of the CS4 Logistics philosophy, which enables individual customers to be supported over time. The team is highly qualified and motivated, innovative and a full member of a successful cooperation on 6 continents in more than 180 countries with certified partners.

The scope of the service encompasses the full range of logistics services in the fields of sea freight, air freight, European road and rail transport, as well as contract logistics with a clear focus on value-added areas. such as IT-assisted supply chain management services.

The portfolio also includes selected niche products and solutions for the transport of high quality goods, as well as integrated logistics solutions for special sectors such as automotive, textile and pharmaceutical industries.

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