Cundall pushes the boundaries of engineering design with the launch of ‘The Storm’

As Principal Design Consultant, Cundall is very proud to see the launch of The Storm, a first-of-its-kind indoor roller coaster. Located in Dubai Hills, the coaster contains an extreme vertical launch to 50 meters in 5 seconds and a 670 meter track winding through the entire building.

Attached to the Dubai Hills Mall and 50 meters high, this project pushes the boundaries of all aspects of engineering design. The main structure and the track itself are interconnected, which required a level of precision never seen in regular construction. The track is extremely complex geometrically, as it rotates on all axes in the three-dimensional space of the building. Extensive parametric modeling was used right from the pre-concept phase, allowing the optimization of all aspects of the design while working faster and even more efficiently.

Innovative construction service solutions include a specialized power system to propel the coaster 50 meters vertically in 5 seconds with a vertical magnetic launch system. Over 4 km of LEDs have been programmed to create a customizable themed spectacle, synchronized with the coaster.

Cundall worked closely with Intamin, Thinkwell and ALEC to make this structure a success.

Lee French, Partner and Director of MENA Operations at Cundall, said, “This is a unique and ambitious project in many ways and hugely exciting both from a construction, theming and design perspective. end user experience. This iconic project pushed us to really challenge ourselves and showcase the power of digital engineering, creating a world first for Emaar Entertainment.

Along with the ride, visitors will experience 360-degree immersion through a pre-show experience as they are elevated above the Dubai skyline. Blending real-world footage with cinematic special effects, guests will be immersed in the story as an epic mega-storm rages all around.

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