Ecolab launches technology platform for advanced recycled plastic raw materials – Chemical Engineering

By Mary Page Bailey |

Nalco Water, Ecolab’s water and process management business for industrial customers, has launched a new program for refineries, ethylene producers and chemical recyclers of plastic waste. The program offers an end-to-end suite of chemistries and field expertise that are unique to the downstream energy and chemicals markets.

Nalco Water’s new program offers several solutions that facilitate the production of pyrolysis oil while contributing to the fluidity and stability of the raw material during transport, storage and processing.

“The Advanced Recycling for Plastics program provides strong added value to ethylene producers who use recycled plastic feedstocks as a means to implement more sustainable solutions,” said Calvin Emanuel, vice president, strategy, resources sector. primary. “The human desire for more environmentally friendly energy solutions is driving fundamental change in the market, and Nalco Water can help our customers along their transformation journey with the solutions in this new program. ”

Nalco Water has already leveraged existing partnerships with leading ethylene producers and advanced plastic waste recyclers in North America and Europe. Early trials with the solutions have enabled companies to successfully process recycled plastic raw material, which has been shown to significantly reduce carbon emissions compared to other traditional raw materials, such as petroleum naphtha.

The Nalco Water program is a comprehensive suite of offerings that help ethylene producers and refiners utilize existing infrastructure when processing pyrolysis oil. The solutions allow companies to preserve their existing equipment, which requires lower investment costs than modernizing their operations for transporting raw materials. In addition, solutions that contribute to the stability and fluidity of raw materials during their storage and processing protect refining and chemical treatment infrastructures from scaling and corrosion.

The program brings a tailored approach to the industry and includes:

  • Chemical solutions to aid in the production, storage and transport of recycled plastic raw materials
  • Advice on program implementation, seasonal variability, asset protection and potential for future scale-up
  • Continuous research and development to optimize operations

“This program offers several services and technologies that improve processes and overall operational reliability, but we choose to focus on end results,” said Emanuel. “Ecolab is committed to helping our customers along their net zero journey, and our focus on the tangible results that advanced plastics recycling solutions bring to ethylene producers is an important step towards their goals. “

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