Electric cars become the first eco-friendly transport services in Egypt’s Nabq Reserve

Electric cars in Egypt – dossier

CAIRO – July 26, 2022: Egypt’s Nabq Protected Area, located in South Sinai Governorate, got its new eco-friendly transportation service through the Electric Cars and Water Bikes project.

The project was implemented by young people to support new and non-traditional modes of tourism, with the participation of the local community and in order to preserve their social, environmental and cultural heritage as a source of attraction. Tourist reserves.

This type of experience and others prove the success of the Egyptian strategy to meet the challenges of the environmental sector from an economic point of view, since it contributes to making investments that protect the environment, preserve it as one assets, and provide new and non-traditional employment opportunities for young people.

The electric transport project in the Nabq reserve is in its experimental phase and will be extended in the coming period, especially in the light of the government program to transform Sharm el-Sheikh into a green and sustainable city with all its facilities.

These efforts come in cooperation with environmental action partners from relevant ministries, South Sinai Governorate, investors, youth and local society.

The electric car project is based on the idea of ​​providing a unique tourist experience in the protected area, using environmentally friendly vehicles to move around the reserve to visit monuments and shrines in areas and trails areas, in particular the mangrove / sunken ship area, and to give a good image of environmentally friendly activities using electric cars, which do not exceed the speed of 40 km/h.

The car is charged with solar energy, and this project depends on local residents to provide services to visitors, and to keep the site designated for the activity as an important part of the reserves.

Egyptian Environment Minister Yasmine Fouad inspected the project a few days ago, where she pointed out that environmental investments have become hallmarks in the reserves thanks to the efforts of Egyptian youth, who have made environment a real opportunity for growth and development.

She further highlighted efforts to protect the environment and biodiversity, integrating green projects to provide a distinctive environmental experience and attract ecotourism enthusiasts.

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