Engineering phase underway for the second half of the Cook Lake Road project

Buffalo Grove Village Council Approves $1.1 Million Engineering Spending

With the first half of the Lake Cook Road project in Buffalo Grove now complete, the second phase will begin soon, but construction is not expected to occur for several years.

On June 20, village administrators approved the expenditure of $1.1 million for the design engineering of Phase I of the Lake Cook Road West project with CivilTech Engineering, Inc.

Phase I is funded in part by an Invest in Cook grant from the Cook County Department of Transportation and Highways (CCDOTH), with the remainder paid for by the village. Other sources of funding are sought and solicited. The project will be handled in a manner that will keep it eligible to receive federal funding in future phases.

Phase II contract negotiations will take place at a later date when Phase I is nearing completion and/or when funds are available.

Phase I engineering is not to exceed $1.6 million. A $500,000 Invest in Cook grant was secured by the village to offset some of the expenses.

The Lake Cook West Road Phase I study area extends from Arlington Heights Road to Raupp Boulevard. Earlier this year, the widening of Lake Cook Road between Raupp and Hastings Lane to the east was completed. This widened Cook Lake to three lanes in each direction and provided intersection improvements and bicycle and pedestrian facilities to improve overall operations and safety in the Cook Lake Road corridor.

The Lake Cook Road West project aims to continue improvements westward with similar objectives to improve operations and safety, while minimizing impacts to environmental resources and adjacent properties.

The Phase I Engineering Study will include environmental and site design studies, assess costs and impacts, and undertake coordination with jurisdictional agencies and the public. The study will be completed to meet all processing and funding requirements for this project.

In addition to public participation, a significant amount of local agency coordination will take place during the feasibility study. Once a preferred improvement plan has been identified, geotechnical studies, environmental studies and detailed geometric studies will begin.

Village engineer Darren Monico told administrators he estimates any type of construction in the study area is unlikely to begin for at least 10 years, citing the lengthy federal process and its many stages. He pointed out that the first phase of the first part of the Lake Cook Road project – a project completed earlier this year – began in 2008.

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