First student selected to provide transportation services to Battle Ground Public Schools and Hockinson School District

BATTLE GROUND, Wash. – Two school districts in Washington state trust First Student to provide safe and reliable transportation to thousands of students and their families. Battle Ground Public Schools and Hockinson School District will partner with the company to enhance the bus driving experience starting in the 2021-2022 school year.

Students from both districts will ride brand new school buses with cutting edge technology. The 170 buses in the fleet will be equipped with GPS tracking systems, digital cameras and DriverHub on-board driver tablets. The tablets offer advanced views of bus routes and detailed directions, as well as real-time traffic control.

“Many of our students and their families rely on the bus to get to and from school every day,” said Denny Waters, Superintendent of Battle Ground Public Schools. “We appreciate the breadth and depth of First Student’s experience in managing full-service student transportation. We believe they are the right partner to help us achieve our goal of providing safe, reliable and efficient transportation.

Families will benefit from the full First Student technology suite. With the FirstView District dashboard and Parent app, school administrators can streamline day-to-day decision making with centralized, real-time fleet reporting. Parents can be alerted to school delays or issues through the secure bus tracker app.

“We have been impressed with First Student’s industry-leading safety record, rigorous driver training programs and the adoption of new technologies,” said Hockinson School District Superintendent Steven Marshall. “We are confident that First Student has the knowledge and expertise to move our district forward. “

Districts will have access to two innovative web communication tools, FirstACTS and First Feedback. FirstACTS helps manage the process of monitoring student behavior on the bus. First Feedback collects, processes and tracks various comments from parents, school district officials and the community.

First Student will also implement a state-of-the-art approach to transporting students with disabilities. The FirstServes program contains comprehensive and clinically proven tools, ongoing communication guidelines, and enhanced training for drivers and instructors to provide a better experience for students of the special population who require additional care.

“First Student has led the school bus industry in applying service improvement technologies to our operations,” said Greg Newman, General Manager of First Student Area. “We look forward to expanding the benefits of these technologies to our new school district partners in Battle Ground and Hockinson. We believe their families will appreciate how these innovations improve the commute to and from school.

Districts will also use First Planning Solutions. The company’s routes division will develop bus routes to improve efficiency and reduce operating costs.

First Student is the most preferred school transportation provider in North America. The company has worked in partnership with school districts for more than a century to provide transportation solutions adapted to students.

About the first student:

As the leading provider of school transportation solutions in North America, First Student strives to provide the best start and best end to every school day. First Student makes five million student trips every day, carrying more passengers than all US airlines combined. With a team of highly skilled drivers and the strongest safety record in the industry, First Student offers reliable and quality services, including full-service transportation and management, paratransit, optimization and route planning, maintenance and charter services with a fleet of approximately 40,000 buses. For more information, please visit

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