Freighter moored near Victoria cleared to pass to neighboring port authority


Transport Canada paved the way for a cargo ship that was moored off Victoria after several containers caught fire and more than 100 were lost overboard to move to a nearby berth or anchorage, the coast guard announced on Friday.

The MV Zim Kingston is cleared to travel to the Nanaimo or Vancouver Fraser Harbor Authority, provided her captain notifies authorities 24 hours in advance and complies with all regulations and measures to mitigate risk, a- he said in a statement.

Transport Canada lifted an earlier directive for the vessel to remain in place following a marine safety inspection and reviews of the vessel’s proposed transit plan and the steps that were taken to stabilize damaged and dislodged containers. Those containers are now secure, the department said.

The ship has not suffered any damage that could interfere with its safe navigation, the coast guard said, but contingency plans will be in place and several ships will escort the ship during its journey to port “by excess of caution “. will include vessels for monitoring marine mammals, he said.

One of the shipping containers from the MV Zim Kingston that ran aground on the remote northwest coast of Vancouver Island. ((Canadian Coast Guard / Twitter))

Fisheries Minister Joyce Murray was briefed by commanders of the incidents and participated in a flyby on Friday.

The incident could have been worse without the actions of emergency responders and firefighting vessels, Murray said in an interview.

The fire was first reported in a row of containers stacked on the ship’s deck shortly after it was caught in a storm on October 22, near the entrance to the Strait of Juan de Fuca.

Another 109 containers fell overboard, four of which the Coast Guard said washed up on beaches without “any sign” of the 105 other units containing cargo ranging from refrigerators and running shoes to polystyrene and styrofoam. garbage.

The location of two containers carrying dangerous chemicals was unknown, but the substance was expected to dissolve in water, Murray said. Coastguards continue to search for floating debris and evidence of sunken containers, she said.

Storm-force winds hampered the cleanup along the northern shores of Vancouver Island, where several units ran aground and burst, more than 400 kilometers from MV Zim Kingston, the Coast Guard said on Friday.

Danaos Shipping, which manages the vessel, has hired shipping contractors to remove containers and debris from shorelines as helicopter crews transport larger pieces. The shipowner also hired other beach clean-up organizations and First Nations after new debris was reported, the coast guard statement said on Friday.

The Transportation Safety Board is investigating the incident.


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