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Global Transportation Engineering was founded three years ago by co-owners Dana Beckwith, third from left, and Monica Leal, fourth from left. (Sam Tenney / DJC)

Monica Leal and Dana Beckwith, co-owners of Global Transportation Engineering (GTE), worked for more than 35 years with other firms before deciding to open their own consulting engineering company. Both are professionally trained engineers.

Their small business opened in October 2015 and made an impression on the transportation construction industry in the Portland area.

GTE deals with issues on road construction projects which include traffic light control and design, road lighting, pedestrian facilities, signage, impact and traffic control, traffic management plans traffic and master plan. Their company has been DBE, ESB, MBE, and WBE certified in Oregon and Washington.

Leal and Beckwith, along with seven other employees, have created a culture of diversity and acceptance in their workplaces.

“It’s really about bringing different cultures, races and people together at work to get a better perspective,” Leal said. “We have seen that this leads to professional success. It’s a place where everyone has their place at the table.

Owners value the contribution of all their employees, which leads to an organic work process.

“Our jobs have a lot of components,” Beckwith said. “Someone might point out a piece of equipment we need or a safety issue and that becomes a real consideration. Everyone has a voice that matters. We thus benefit from the whole. Everything and everyone works together.

“In a small business there is always ‘one more thing’ and encouraging open participation shows the value of diversity.

Some of the company’s projects include Westside and transit improvements, Oregon Freeway Corridor 8, Oregon 224, SE Rusk Rd on I-205 and OR 281, Guignard, Orchard & Country Club, Barrett Drive, Prime Contractor on OR 99E Rail Tunnel Lighting and Intelligent Transportation System and I-5 Denver Ave Tunnel Lighting Projects.

Leal points out that their contracts are varied.

“About 60% of our jobs are public and 40% are for private developers,” Leal said. “We work closely with customers, subcontractors and prime contractors, so that they can see our diversity first-hand. Our main priority is to do the best job possible and if other companies see how diversity works for us and embrace it the way we have, so much the better.

“If we can show clients that we can do the job and do it with an inclusive group, that’s a good professional example.


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