Government mulls incentives for land transport sector, says regulator | Culture & Society

Ammon News – Director General of the Land Transport Regulatory Commission, Tariq Habashneh, said on Tuesday that the government is assessing land transport incentives and privileges to raise the level of services and promote investment in the sector.

Habashneh told a session, organized by the Amman Chamber of Commerce with ground transportation business owners to discuss challenges in the sector, that the regulator is working on a strategic plan to streamline ground transportation. in partnership with transportation business owners who “will see the light soon.”

Habashneh stressed that more attention and support should be given to improve the quality of ground transportation service and remove barriers, including insurance issues, type and number of trips, incentives and privileges.

Calling land transport the nerve center of a strong economy and key to the sustainability of supply chains, Deputy Director of the Amman Chamber of Commerce and President of the Jordanian Logistics Association, Nabil Khatib, called to the validation of the law on multimodal transport, which was introduced in 2018.

He also urged to reverse decisions made in 2012 on the number of trips for land transport companies and to limit the loading of trucks to a single container, noting a shortage of workers in the freight transport sector that exists. since 2014.

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