Ground transport measures during the phase 2 period (heightened alert) from July 22 to August 18, Lifestyle News

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) has announced more stringent safety distance measures during the phase 2 (heightened alert) period from July 22 to August 18, 2021.

The improved measures aim to minimize interactions and the risk of transmission of Covid-19 between different households while on the move.

According to LTA, these measures are similar to those implemented during the previous period of phase 2 (enhanced alert).

Here are the following safety distance guidelines that you will need to know.

Passenger limits for taxis and PHCs

The group size rule of up to two people from different households will apply to passengers traveling in taxis and private rental cars (PHC).

However, more than two passengers can travel together in a taxi or PHC if they all live in the same household. For example, a parent can travel with their two children if they live together.

All passengers are reminded that it remains mandatory for everyone to wear masks at all times. Taxi and PHC drivers will have the right to refuse any passenger who is not wearing a mask.

Carpool services suspended


All commercial carpooling services will be suspended until August 18, 2021. These include the GrabHitch and RydePool services, which involve drivers receiving payment for transporting passengers en route to their destination.


Social carpooling is only allowed between friends or colleagues if the current authorized group size of two people is respected. For example, if a group of colleagues are traveling together, they should divide into groups of no more than two.

Members of the public who come across people providing illegal carpooling services should notify LTA through the OneMotoring portal using the “Report Vehicle Infractions” online service.

Passengers and drivers must continue to adhere to current safety management measures, such as maintaining good personal hygiene and consulting a doctor if they feel unwell.

This article first appeared in Motorist.

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