How DB Schenker is transforming inland transportation services in India by offering differentiated solutions and how Schenker has built remarkable capabilities around premium deliveries

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Customer experience powered by digital and sustainable transportation solutions

Additionally, the company’s focus on digital transformation has begun to pay off. It also made a foray into the metaverse where customers can virtually view warehouses. Schenker companies, for example, “allows us to exploit the first innovations close to the logistics industry to also be at the forefront of new developments. Thus, the combination of the two allows us to stay at the forefront of any development relevant to the future of logistics, our customers and of course our business,” Drenthen said.

India remains an important market for DB Schenker given the country’s demographics and economic growth potential. Indeed, there will also be challenges from an infrastructure perspective, but as they improve through the deployment of efficient logistics, they will have an exponential impact on the country’s economy. “I think land transport will play a very important role in India’s logistics development,” Drenthen said. “We’re very aggressive about it,” especially in lower-tier cities.

Schenker India’s unique selling propositions include premium deliveries, cross border trucking and hybrid packaging. “I think these things always come with experts, so it’s never easy. If they were easy, anyone could do it,” Drenthen said. There has been a huge investment by the management team to strengthen its ground transportation operations in the country, both in terms of people skills and solutions.

White golf deliveries, for example, are a shipping method of sending or receiving products that require more care than regular packages due to their size, value, or fragility. “You can’t get into such a thing if you don’t have the experience,” he added. “It’s a unique niche that we are exploring. The company has also focused its efforts on ramping up its transshipment facilities and LTL networks, already present in 25 cities, in order to continue to provide an excellent customer experience.

“We are constantly looking for partnerships to make our products and our product portfolio even more attractive to customers”, Mr. Drenthen continued while emphasizing that “it is an ongoing process and we will create value for the customer”.

Overall, whether in India or abroad, Schenker strives to bring “gold standards” to the table, which translates to “a leader in quality, a leader in customer experience and a market leader,” Drenthen added. With a significant share of the European market, the company is “thriving in India. I’m pretty sure we’ll be a leader in the not too distant future.

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