How to Make a Blast Furnace in Immersive Engineering in Minecraft

Mods are one of the most used external features associated with Minecraft. Although not officially in the game, mods are used to alter the game and change it in ways that were previously unimaginable.

Mods help players modify, remove or add things to Minecraft. They can add new monsters, change the behavior of entities, and even redesign how all mechanics work in the game. One mod that has grown in popularity is Immersive Engineering.

Immersive Engineering is a tech-based mod that aims to bring machines and gear inspired by realism. It seeks to move away from blocky and cartoon-like designs.

For example, instead of red tubes for pipes or transportation devices, the mod introduces real pipelines and overhead power lines to the game, along with tons of new machinery.

Minecraft mods: Crafting Blast Furnaces in Immersive Engineering mod

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A blast furnace is a machine needed to make steel in the Immersive Engineering mod. Steel is of utmost importance in the mod, as it is used to craft almost all the machinery added to it, such as wire coils, lightning rod bases, radiator blocks, steel scaffolding and, more importantly, engineering blocks.

To build the Blast Furnace, users will need to collect a few items. The first is the blast brick block, which is what a blast furnace is made of in IE. The Explosive Bricks recipe requires four regular bricks, four nether bricks, and a single blaze powder.

This requires players to travel the Nether and try to find the Nether-based items. Twenty-seven blow bricks are needed for a blast furnace.

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However, not everyone needs to travel to the Nether to get Nether Bricks and Firepowder. Players who use the Revolution 2 Pack and follow the included quest book can build the Blast Furnace without going downstairs.

This is made possible because Nether Bricks and Blaze Powder are available as quest rewards.

To build a “raw” blast furnace or blast furnace in the Immersive Engineering mod, Minecraft users must place their 27 explosive bricks into the design of a solid 3×3 cube. After that, they have to use an item called “Engineer’s Hammer” on it.

Players can craft the Engineer’s Hammer using two sticks, two iron ingots, and a piece of string.

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Upon opening the oven, Minecraft users will notice that it has four slots. The bottom left slot is for the fuel source, the top left slot is for the iron ingots, the resulting steel ingots go into the top right space, and the bottom right slot is for the slag produced in the process.

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