Hydrostor Chooses Kiewit to Advance Engineering for Willow Rock, California’s Largest Self-Contained Energy Storage Project

TORONTO, August 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Hydrostor Inc. (“Hydrostor”), a leading provider of long-term energy storage solutions, and Kiewit Engineering Group Inc. (“Kiewit”), have entered into an agreement to advance initial engineering and design studies for the 500 MW Willow Rock energy storage facility (“Willow Rock”), which would be the largest stand-alone energy storage project in California.

This milestone demonstrates continued progress in the development of Hydrostor’s Advanced Compressed Air Energy Storage (“A-CAES”) technology in North America. A-CAES (pronounced “case”) uses commercially proven equipment and processes to deliver affordable, large-scale, emission-free (“LDES”) long-term energy storage. Willow Rock will be able to store enough energy to provide reliable power to up to 400,000 homes for 8 hours, rotating California the growth of solar and wind resources in peak capacity on demand, allowing the closure of fossil fuel emitting resources while maximizing the use of the transmission system.

“Hydrostor continues to achieve significant milestones at Willow Rock, and we look forward to working with Kiewit’s world-class engineering and construction teams to move this critical clean energy project forward. Our global teams are leading the way to achieving ambitious zero emissions goals. Willow Rock will be able to remove the equivalent of approximately 120,000 cars from traffic each year over the life of its 50-plus-year project,” said Curtis VanWalleghemCEO of Hydrostor.

“Kiewit remains committed to engaging in the clean energy transition and recognizes that LDES solutions such as A-CAES are a critical part of grid modernization. We look forward to commencing work on Willow Rock, which will has the potential to reduce significant emissions and provide a reliable, grid-sustainable source of energy for many decades,” said Kevin NeedhamPresident of Kiewit Power Engineers.

For more information, please visit: https://www.hydrostor.ca/willow-rock/

About Kiewit

Kiewit is one of North America largest and most respected construction and engineering organizations. With roots dating back to 1884, the employee-owned organization operates through a network of subsidiaries in United States, Canadaand Mexico. Kiewit offers construction and engineering services in a variety of markets, including transportation; oil, gas and chemicals; Powerful; building; water/wastewater; industrial; and mining. Kiewit achieved in 2021 a turnover of $12.1 billion and employs 28,800 employees and artisans.

About Willow Rock

The Willow Rock Energy Storage Center (“Willow Rock”) is an advanced compressed air energy storage project that will have the capacity to generate 500 MW of electricity and store up to 8 hours of energy. The project is located in eastern Kern County, just outside of Rosamond, California and will only cover 60 acres, far less than other renewable energy projects. More than 800 peak construction jobs will be created, with an average workforce of 250 people over a four-year period. With over $500 million in direct and indirect regional impacts on the local economy, Willow Rock will pay annual taxes as assessed by county and local authorities.

To learn more, visit https://www.hydrostor.ca/willow-rock/

About Hydrostor

Hydrostor is a long-duration energy storage solutions provider that provides reliable and affordable integration of long-duration energy storage, enabling grid operators to scale renewables and secure grid capacity. Hydrostor supports the green economic transition by employing people, suppliers and technology from the traditional energy sector to design, build and operate emission-free energy storage facilities. Hydrostor has developed, deployed, tested and demonstrated that its patented Advanced Compressed Air Energy Storage (“A-CAES”) technology can provide long-lasting energy storage and enable the transition to renewable energy. A-CAES uses proven components sourced from mining and gas operations to create a scalable energy storage system that is low impact, cost effective, has a lifespan of over 50 years and can store energy from 5 hours to several days if necessary. With investment support from Goldman Sachs Asset Management, Canada Pension Plan and Business Development Bank of Canada Canada, Hydrostor has projects around the world in various stages of development to provide capacity in excess of 200 MW each. follow us on LinkedIn.


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