Indian Railways to establish 500 multimodal freight terminals: Vaishnaw

Indian Railways will establish around 500 multimodal freight terminals with an expenditure of Rs 50,000 crore under the PM GatiShakti program in four to five years with the goal of integrating different modes of transport for the smooth movement of the two cargoes. bulk such as coal and steel, as well as parcel freight.

“PM GatiShakti Railways multimodal freight terminals will be terminals where different modes of transport are integrated in one place. There will be a seamless integration to the extent possible of roads, airways, inland waterways or any other hybrid means, with network rail transport, ”Minister of Railways Ashwini Vaishnaw said on Thursday. ‘a press conference.

There will also be facilitation of multimodal transport for passengers, with various integrations being developed such as the junction of subways with railways and railways with airways, the minister said.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday launched the “PM GatiShakti – National Master Plan” for multimodal connectivity to economic zones, with ambitious goals in the areas of road, rail, aviation, clean energy and digital connectivity. The idea behind the plan is to accelerate the implementation of infrastructure projects worth Rs 100 lakh crore across the country, both at central and state level, in order to reduce logistics costs.

Vaishnaw said the railways would make a significant contribution to the initiative. “The railways will make the most important contribution (GatiShakti) … The most important thing is how to convert rail freight terminals into multimodal freight terminals,” he said.

The government plans to create around 200 multimodal freight terminals over the next three years, Vaishnaw said.

“Some may cost even less than Rs 100 crore, some may be more. But we assume Rs 100 crore per terminal as a budget, ” he added.

Railways lay optical fiber along 68,000 km of railroad tracks, he said. “Gati Shakti will also include a project in which we will develop how to use this fiber for other modes or logistics services,” said the minister.

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