JAL to Take A321P2Fs in Domestic Freight Joint Venture with Yamato | News

Japan Airlines has signed a partnership agreement with Japanese logistics company Yamato Holdings to operate domestic cargo flights with converted Airbus A321 cargo planes from 2024.

Yamato declares on January 21 that it will take three A321P2F planes initially, these planes being operated by the low-cost unit JAL Jetstar Japan.

Cargo flights – which will begin in April 2024 – will depart from Tokyo’s two main airports – Haneda and Narita – to three cities: Sapporo, Kitakyushu and Naha on the island of Okinawa.

This partnership marks Yamato’s first foray into air cargo operations. The company mainly operates by rail, road and ferry.

He explains that he entered into the partnership due to impending legislative changes that limit the amount of overtime that logistics drivers can work.

“This will require Yamato to secure transport capacity for thematic areas,” the company said, but did not elaborate.

“Meanwhile, JAL must also secure its transport capacity as it adapts to the downsizing situation of its fleet while increasing the frequency of domestic operations due to the long-term decline in population and the Covid-19 pandemic, which has an impact on freight operations,” he adds.

Neither JAL nor Yamato say where the A321P2Fs will come from – which will be painted in Yamato’s livery.

The two companies add:[Yamato] and JAL believe that this freight operation combines the strengths and knowledge of both companies and will lead to the creation of freight businesses capable of contributing to regional revitalization such as new distribution channels targeting businesses or customers directly from the areas. regional.

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