Jeremy Dawson of Parking and Transportation Services

Technological advances

PTS recently implemented new Parkmobile Event software and just hosted its first event. The ARC team ensures that the implementation runs smoothly and informs its IT group of any problems encountered in the field. Dawson also participates in the University’s Special Events and Activities group. But the coolest thing, according to Dawson, that he is working on is the implementation of license plate recognition (LPR) cameras. PTS has been using LPR software and cameras for several years. Because of this experience, it is often used as a resource for potential new users of the system. LPR enables PTS staff to be more efficient in their operations and ultimately allows them to focus more on their customers and how to serve them better.

“When I started this job in October 2000, we walked around looking for permits on every car, and that’s a lot of steps every day for those of you who matter,” he said. “With LPR, we’ve been able to move away from those pesky physical permits and into a virtual world where the possibilities are endless. With technological advancements getting better every day, I’m excited to see where we are in the next five years.

When he thinks about his favorite part of working for parking and transportation services, he says it’s the people who work with him.

“Our department is full of kind-hearted people who are ultimately there to help customers,” he said. “They come to work with a positive attitude, and that energy is felt throughout the department.”

Inspiration for Dawson comes in many forms. Moments that bring out the good side of humanity are the types of moments that fill it with joy. He says what inspires him to become a better person is “when I see real respect between two people on opposite sides, or someone doing a good deed because it’s the right thing to do. , and not for accolades or personal gain; any crummy movie; videos of baby animals; or real human moments.

Jeremy outside of work

Travel is at the top of the list. Dawson and his wife try to get somewhere at least two to three times a year – preferably on a cruise and, in particular, they like the Caribbean or anywhere with a beach. When not traveling or working, Dawson and his wife work for the Colorado Eagles as off-ice officials. They’re in charge of the group that handles all aspects of the game, things that people always see but rarely think about.

Dawson explains, “From keeping team stats, running the game clock, entering the game into the live scoring system, working the penalty boxes or lighting the goal lights; we are doing it. And we’ve done it since the Eagles’ inception 19 years ago, about 700+ home games.

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