Karnataka: Urban Land Transport Authority Prepares Active Mobility Bill | Bangalore News

BENGALURU: To protect the rights of pedestrians and cyclists in urban areas of the state, the Directorate of Urban Land Transport (DULT) on Wednesday prepared an Active Mobility Bill. The bill aims to protect the interests of all road users.
The 26-page bill is now uploaded to its website ( dult.karnataka.gov.in) and citizens can make suggestions by January 31, 2022.
“The current legal framework does not contain specific provisions to determine and protect the rights of pedestrians and cyclists, the most vulnerable among road users, to an equitable distribution of space on roads/streets and to an environment safe and accessible for walking and cycling,” the draft bill read.
TOI had published an article titled “After Singapore, Bengaluru Likely to Pass Active Mobility Act” on September 14, 2021.
“The purpose of this bill is to facilitate a transition to sustainable urban areas in which streets and public places are designed and developed taking into account the needs and requirements of all road users, and each user of the road is aware of and respectful of the rights of other road users,” he said.
According to the bill, “the violation committed by any local urban body, traffic management agency or any department or agency of the state or central government, the head of such organization shall be deemed guilty of the offense and shall be liable to be prosecuted and punished accordingly”.
“Active mobility mode” means all modes of transportation relying solely on human physical activity or effort for propulsion, including but not limited to walking, cycling, and pedal-assisted e-bikes .
The bill also covers various aspects such as the development of complete and connected streets, the people-centered design of urban streets, the identification and completion of missing links, the redesign of existing streets, the development of pedestrian paths and bike lanes, safe crossings at intersections and in the middle of blocks. , streets/pedestrian zones and slow streets.

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