kolhapur: Kolhapur airport gets green light for freight | Kolhapur News

Kolhapur: Kolhapur Airport received approval from the Civil Aviation Security Bureau (BCAS) on Monday for the transport of air cargo.
Guardian Minister Satej Patil announced the decision. The airport authorities had requested a security clearance from the Ministry of Aviation to allow air operators to also transport cargo. After fulfilling all the conditions, the authorization was given.
In the case of a ventral cargo system, passenger flights can also carry cargo. The demand for the transport of light goods came from trade and industry associations in Kolhapur and neighboring districts.
Patil told TOI: “We have an airstrip of approximately 916 meters, which will be expanded in the coming months. In a few months, night landings will also be allowed at the airport. Belly cargo approval is just the start. The airport will now be connected to more destinations where freight forwarding will take place. Sangli grapes, industrial products from Kolhapur, Konkan fruits will be transported long distances.
Currently, the airport handles eight flights per day with an average of 600 passengers. Patil said most of the domestic air cargo transport is done in mid-cargo mode and this helps flight operators generate revenue.

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