Legal battle begins after owner of Allseas Pioneer refuses to unload cargo

Allseas Pioneer. Photo: VesselFinder

Owners of containers and cargo with equipment on the detainee Pioneer of all the seas started a legal battle after the ship’s owner refused to allow it to be unloaded.

The 1,874 teu vessel has been detained in Waalhaven, Rotterdam, since August 30, when its bunkers were “arrested”, preventing the vessel from leaving port.

Since, The Loadstar sources confirmed, Guangdong, southern China-based shipowner Maoming Huaxiang held the ship but refused to allow cargo or empty containers to be unloaded, sparking a dispute with crate owners and cargoes.

“The vessel has been taken over by the owners, so the dispute is now between the owners of the equipment and the cargo and the owner of the vessel,” the industry source said.

The Loadstar understand that Pioneer of all the seas has 1,600 teu in empty crates and 50 full containers, some of which contain whiskey loaded in Scotland.

The vessel was chartered to Allseas, which is mired in a legal dispute with SFL, owned by Frederiksen, who believed it had reached an agreement to charter its vessel. green ace to the UK company and is suing it for $20 million in costs.

Allseas has been contacted for comment.

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