Mears Connect replaces Disney’s Magical Express from January 2022

Source: Attractions magazine

It’s finally New Years Eve, which means Disney’s Magical Express will unfortunately no longer be in service (however, they will still be taking guests from Walt Disney World to MCO until mid-January). In April of last year, Disney announced that this beloved transportation service that took guests to and from MCO would be ending. They also announced that Mears Connect will replace Disney’s Magical Express. Spectrum News previously reported:

In response to the shutdown, Mears announced that it will be rolling out its own direct service called Mears Connect. The service will launch in January 2022 and will provide transportation between the Orlando International Airport and resorts in the Walt area. Disney World. ”

“Customers can expect regular service, baggage handling, convenient organization at the airport terminal and round trips at the airport,” Mears also said in a previous press release. .

Mears spokesperson Roger Chapin also previously said, “We plan to deliver the same level of experience, service and convenience that we have provided over the past 16 years on behalf of our long-time partner, as loyal customers and first-time visitors can’t expect anything. less.”

While the free Disney’s Magical Express service will be sorely missed, we are happy that another wonderful service is replacing it, and customers can make reservations at Walt Disney World and return to MCO. in line. They offer two different options:

  • Standard: Shared service, large / small vehicles, supervised waiting time, limited stops
  • Express: Limited waiting time, direct service, not considered private service

Other modes of transportation you can use to get to the parks and back to MCO are Sunshine Flyer Bus, rental car, Uber or any other carpooling service, taxi, etc. (such as limousine service, other shuttle service, etc.).

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