NASA seeks information on lunar exploration transport services

NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center is researching information on space transport services for future lunar exploration missions and the responses to the sources sought are intended to inform the future service supply vehicle.

According to’s opinion, the agency is interested in commercial services to move astronauts, scientific and architectural payloads and other cargo to establish a lasting human presence on the Moon as part of the program. Artemis.

Officials are looking to leverage the LETS vehicle to acquire commercially designed and developed, as well as NASA-certified human lunar landing services for use from 2028.

The acquisitions will support Artemis Base Camp, a concept developed by the NASA Exploration Systems Development Mission leadership that would establish element requirements for a sustained lunar presence.

The agency’s Human Landing System program will manage and execute all contracts resulting from a future LETS solicitation.

Responses to the sources sought are expected on October 6.

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