Nikola Tre battery-electric trucks delivered to Total Transportation Services

Nikola Corporation has delivered the first test version of its Nikola Tre battery-electric trucks to Total Transportation Services (TTSI), a fleet serving the Californian ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach.

“Nikola is committed to making its first Tre BEV deliveries in Q4 2021 and it is a great honor to celebrate this milestone with our partner, TTSI, and dignitaries who are committed to advancing transportation solutions at zero emissions to reduce emissions from trucks in port operations,” said Nikola CEO Mark Russell.

The Nikola Tre. (Photo: Nikola Company)

The fleet has signed a letter of intent for 100 of the zero-emission trucks, starting with two battery electric models and two fuel cell electric vehicles. If the trials are successful and government funding secured, Total Transportation would purchase 30 battery-electric vehicles in 2022 and 70 fuel-cell models in 2023.

The battery-electric Nikola Tre offers a range of around 550 km, while its fuel cell counterpart will do better than around 800 km.

“Production, performance and maintenance will be key to our future success, and we are confident that Nikola will excel on all three fronts,” said Vic LaRosa, president of TTSI.

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