Nipigon Bridge to be spotlighted during Discovery tech disaster

Nipigon residents may notice a film crew in the community over the past few days.

NIPIGON – A film crew from the TV series “Engineering Catastrophes” is currently in Nipigon to get information about the Nipigon River Bridge and what caused it to close on January 10, 2016.

“It’s a program for the Science Channel and I think it’s also on the Discovery Channel. It’s called Engineering Catastrophe,” Mayor Richard Harvey said. “So obviously everyone should be able to understand what is the scenario he is looking at here. They watch and visit to see what happened with the Nipigon River Bridge.

Each episode depicts a different error from many places around the world, and it looks like the series will investigate and analyze the structural failure of the Nipigon Bridge.

On January 10, 2016, the new multimillion-dollar bridge was closed to traffic after bolts securing the main deck broke during a winter storm, causing the deck to rise two feet, leading to the closure of the Trans-Canada Highway at the bridge.

The closure of the bridge has been a point of contention for many people across supply chains, as the Nipigon Bridge is the only usable transportation route that crosses the Nipigon River.

The bridge was partially reopened to traffic the following morning after the 5 p.m. closure, using an alternating lane between directions.

After technical reviews by the Ontario Minister of Transportation and the Minister of Northern Development and Mines, it was found that three main factors led to the malfunction:

  • First, the design of the shoe plate and its flexibility
  • Second, there was a lack of rotation in the bearing that was built
  • Third, loose bolts secured the beam to the shoe plate

Combined, these three factors produced the dysfunction.

“For anyone who hasn’t seen the show, what they’re basically doing is bringing in engineering experts to look at what happens during a technical failure,” Harvey said.

After six seasons, Engineering Catastrophe focuses on the aftermath of some of the world’s most dangerous engineering disasters.

The show’s synopsis boasts that the series shows the hilarious to the mind-blowing.

Blunders include an airport that sinks into the sea, an upside-down bridge, and a waterfront building that creates a dangerous wind tunnel.

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