Nornickel’s Polar Transport division handled 4 million tons of cargo at Dudinka port this year

It has never exceeded 3.8 million tons in the past 30 years

In 2022, the Polar Transport Division of Nornickel handled 4 million tons of cargo at the port of Dudinka (Taimyr, Kranoyarsk Territory), the port’s press center reported on its Telegram channel.

Although expected, this is a historic event as the past 30 years have not seen any throughput exceeding 3.8 million tonnes, according to the release.

In the segment of seagoing vessels, unloading totaled 820 thousand tons, loading – 705 thousand tons. In the segment of river vessels, unloadings totaled — 2.4 million tons, loadings — 1.4 million tons.

These volumes were mainly driven by the growth in production needs in the industrial district of Norilsk. The investment projects of Nornickel – Sulfur Programme, Clean Norilsk and South Cluster account for the bulk of the throughput.

“We started preparing for such volumes in 2018 when a decision was made on the implementation of large-scale investment projects. In view of this, the management of the Polar Transport Division planned the l ‘involvement of additional equipment and expansion of yards for handling and storage of large volumes of goods,’ said Aleksey Novakov, director of the polar transport division.

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