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Two campus forums planned for mid-April

The annual student-run Thurtene Carnival at Washington University in St. Louis, which takes place the weekend of April 13-15, is moving from the east end of the Danforth campus to its new location.

The carnival will take place in the parking lots of Simon Hall and the Sports Complex, the paved part at the entrance to Francis Field and the Olympian Way. The new location will have an impact on the parking lot, especially those in Zone 2. However, the disruption time will be shorter than in previous years, when Thurtene stood on the lot in front of Brookings Hall.

Closures of the Thurtene carnival grounds

Thurtène card
Thurtene 2018 carnival location map

As of the morning of April 11, the parking lots in Salle Simon and the sports complex will be closed.

While the rest of Zone 2 will be open for parking, overflow parking will also be available for licensees in the Wallace Garage in South Zone 40 of the campus. Volunteers will be available on the mornings of April 11-13 to help direct traffic and provide assistance.

The majority of lots will reopen on April 16, with full parking available again from April 17.

“While we do everything we can to help alleviate the headaches, we appreciate your understanding before and during this fun event,” said Gwen Bolden, Director of Parking and Transportation Services. “WashU has a range of alternatives to parking on campus, and maybe now is a great time to try them out, especially since April is also active transportation month. “

Alternative transport

From the Metro UPass program, Campus Circulator, Guaranteed Ride Home, Campus2Home and West Campus shuttles to ParkSmart, Bearly Drivers Carpool and the Occasional Parking Program, the university is committed to providing a range of alternatives to parking on campus.

“We are constantly looking for ways to expand and improve WashU’s alternative transportation offerings,” said Bolden. “One example is the CarShare program. Our contract with Enterprise has been extended until June, and we now anticipate a new contract when the current agreement expires, either with Enterprise or with another vendor.

The team is also working on updates to the Bearly Drivers and Occasional Parking Program, which will be implemented next year.

As part of this process, the Parking and Transportation team will look at usage data and engage the campus community to learn more about what has worked well and how these offerings can improve.

Campus safety also continues to be a priority. The university made the SafeTrek mobile app available last year. The app helps those who need to travel to, from and around campus without a personal vehicle to feel safe and secure while doing so. The team will continue to explore options for ensuring a safe experience at the University of Washington.

April Forums

“We want to hear from students, faculty and staff, which is why we are holding two forums next month, not only to provide updates on parking and transportation, but also to get feedback as we continue. to shape our alternative offerings, ”Bolden said.

The forums are open to everyone and will be held from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. on April 16 and 18 at Hillman Hall. Additional forums can be added.

“Our goal is to ensure that our alternative transport offerings meet WashU’s needs and are as simple and easy to use as possible,” said Dedric Carter, vice chancellor responsible for operations and technology transfer. “We know that alternative transport is essential all year round, but especially during major events like the Thurtene Carnival, which is why we are eager to hear your feedback. “

For more information on alternative commuting options, visit For more information on parking during Thurtene, visit

For details on Active Transportation Month, visit the sustainable development site.

Those planning special events and requiring parking should register on the parking site.

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