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At the start of the spring semester, Washington University parking and transportation services in St. Louis announced changes to the eastern garage, WashU rides, and a redesigned campus shuttle system.

garage to the east

In order to improve traffic flow and provide a better parking experience for visitors and licensees, the following changes have been made to the East Garage:

  • All yellow permitted parking spaces on the first level (P1) of the garage have been moved to the ramp leading to P2 and onto P2;
  • red permit parking spaces on P1 have been adjusted and realigned to better meet demand;
  • Bearly’s driver spaces have been moved from the center of the garage to the south side of the west wall; and
  • The Enterprise CarShare spaces have been divided and moved from the center of the garage to the north and south sides.

These changes came into effect on January 13. A temporary signal is displayed on P1 and will be applied. Permanent signage should be installed during the spring break. See a map Changes.

WashU walks

A new commuter platform called WashU Rides is now available. WashU Rides is a free, one-stop-shop resource that helps individuals explore and make informed decisions about their alternative transportation options.

The platform includes a trip planner and an interactive map showcasing transportation-related elements such as suburban parking lots, bike paths and more. Additionally, the ridesharing and carpooling feature helps people find other people interested in carpooling or carpooling along a specific route, at a specific event, or based on preferences such as class times or of work. With WashU Rides, individuals can also track their journeys to see how much money and CO2 emissions they have saved by carpooling or cycling.

For more information, visit the WashU Rides webpage. To register and start searching for carpooling or bikepool connections, go to

Other updates

As announced earlier this week, a new shuttle system will connect the Danforth, North and West campuses and surrounding areas to better serve the university community.

The changes include:

  • three new shuttles will support students and staff living near the campus: the Skinker-DeBaliviere shuttle, the DeBaliviere Place shuttle and the South Campus shuttle;
  • extension of the service to the Delmar Loop via the Delmar Loop shuttle (formerly the 560 Music Center shuttle); and
  • a new North-West express shuttle, which brings together the West Campus and North Campus shuttles.

View updated timetable and route information at

“After the initial deployment, we may make adjustments based on recommendations from transportation experts and feedback from students, faculty and staff who use the shuttles,” said Marc Carlton, Director of Parking and Transportation and business process improvement for the Office of the Vice-Chancellor for Operations and Technology Transfer. The Campus2Home, Campus Circulator and Medical Transport shuttles are not changing, he said.

You will find information on the high traffic events of this semester on the website High Traffic Events Web Page. For more information visit

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