Podcast | Considering carbon as a currency will promote circularity in civil engineering

The latest episode of The Engineers Collective is now available.

Introducing circular economies into construction projects has been a concept discussed for several years, but this episode of the podcast takes a look at some projects that have actually put it into action.

After some discussion of the month’s top stories, NCE Editor-in-Chief Claire Smith and Head of Content and Engagement Rob Horgan are joined by Sweco Architects Head of Sustainability Elise Grosse and digital manager of Sweco’s UK buildings division, Andrew Krebs, to explore the practicalities of using flyers. savings.

The group started by defining what a circular economy is and the drivers for the construction sector to adopt them.

Elise explains that the industry needs to start looking at carbon as a currency so that circular economies are at the heart of projects. Nonetheless, she and Andrew believe that digital data tools are also critical to the success of a circular economy, especially when it comes to using material passports to track and plan the reuse of demolition waste.

The couple tell Claire and Rob that civil engineering is increasingly in the spotlight when it comes to the use of materials and needs to take big steps to ensure it is focused on achieving the net zero rather than greenwashing. Elise added that recycling is often driven by an economic position rather than a moral one and urged the industry to consider whether the value and cost generated by today’s decisions comes at the expense of tomorrow.

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The group of engineers

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Special guests in previous episodes include Crossrail chief executive Mark Wild, HS2 Ltd special adviser Andrew McNaughton and former ICE chairwoman Rachel Skinner. All are available for download and all deal with current and ongoing issues around skills and major project completion.

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