Port of HaminaKotka’s cargo turnover in January-June 2022 fell 5.9% year-on-year

The port’s container throughput has dropped by 6%

In January-June 2022, cargo traffic at Finland’s HaminaKotka port fell 5.9% year-on-year to 7.64 million tonnes, according to port authority statistics.

During the period under review, the volume of export freight decreased by 9.7% – 5.8 million tons of which 1.08 million tons of paper (-21.4%), 607,915 tons of wood pulp (-34.4%) 1.01 million tonnes of liquid bulk (+26.1%) and 1.09 million tonnes of dry bulk (-20.5%).

Import handling increased by 6.4% to 1.95 million tonnes, including 644,554 tonnes of driftwood (+1.2%), 424,186 tonnes of miscellaneous goods (+6.3%), 456,725 tons liquid bulk (-3.3%) and 209,446 tons of dry goods. bulk (+17.6%).

The port’s transit traffic decreased by 12.3% to 1.88 million tonnes, cabotage was multiplied by 12.5 to 292,633 tonnes.

Container throughput fell 6% to 305,998 TEUs.

Vessel traffic decreased by 4.1% to 1,155 units.

The port of Kotka is located about 50 km from the Russian border, 280 km from St. Petersburg and 1000 km from Moscow. Port of Kotka includes ports of Mussalo, Hietanen, Kantasatama, Puolanlaituri Quay (Polish Quay), Halla Quay, as well as Sunila Port Premises. The port of Hamina is the eastern port of Finland located 35 km from the Russian border. In 2021, the port handled 14.57 million tons of cargo.

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