Port officials headed to California, pushing for more freighters to head to Florida

Port of Florida officials announced Thursday that they will converge on California starting this weekend to push more freighters to come to the Sunshine State to help alleviate global supply chain issues.

Leaders of the Florida Ports Council, JAXPORT, Port Everglades, Port Miami, Port Tampa Bay and harbor manatee will participate in the TPM22 at Long Beach, Californiawhere they will highlight Florida port vessel capabilities, equipment capacity and 24/7 supply chain efficiency.

“We’re going to put ourselves first on the battlefield,” said President of the Ports Council of Florida and Port Everglades General Manager and Harbor Director Jonathan Daniels. “As shippers seek to avoid congestion, Florida has developed efficiency to serve as a long-term solution to moving cargo, and that’s the message we’re eager to share with shipping companies.”

“Thanks to the leadership of Governor Ron DeSantis, the Florida Legislature and Florida Department of Transportation, Florida has made significant investments in its seaports and has become a major player in connecting trade,” noted the Florida Ports Council. “The Florida Ports Council has engaged in proactive marketing strategies in the second half of 2021 to encourage cargo ships sitting in congested and delayed California seaports to change shipping lanes and divert to Florida ports. As a result, Florida has more recently broken freight container records, seen new shipping lines call at Florida ports, and successfully shifted cargo that would typically call at West Coast ports to the Sunshine State. .

“Florida is open for business and we’re connecting commerce from ship to shelf,” said Michael Rubin, President and CEO of Florida Ports Council. “We are changing the mindset of shipping lines and continuing to encourage them to move from older, congested West Coast trade routes to Florida seaports.”

During TPM2022, Florida Seaports will host a Private Networking Reception, allowing Port Managers to have one-on-one conversations with cargo owners, shipping lines, terminal operators and other logistics companies freight forwarders looking to ensure their cargo gets from ship to shelf quickly. and profitably.

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