Qatar Airways Cargo destinations double to 122 in 2020-2021: sustainability report

The number of Qatar Airways Cargo destinations doubled from 63 in 2019-20 to 122 in 2020-21, according to the Qatar Airways Group Sustainability Report.
Cargo flights have increased from pre-Covid operations of up to 60 flights per day (cargo only) to 180 flights per day during Covid (cargo and hold).
During the period March to June 2020, Qatar Airways’ share of the air cargo market increased significantly.
According to statistics from the International Air Transport Association, Qatar Airways has become the largest cargo airline in the world (excluding express operator FedEx).
The addition of 30 new destinations to its network by June 2020 has contributed to its ability to transport goods in response to increased market demand.
In January 2021, Qatar Airways Cargo added three new Boeing 777 freighters to its fleet to support the national airline’s long-haul scheduled routes as well as cargo charters.
As the pandemic progressed, Qatar Airways Cargo helped transport essential supplies, pharmaceuticals, perishables and other vital cargo around the world. It continued to operate its regular freighters while operating more than 500 charters of relief goods, personal protective equipment and medical aid to affected countries.
Qatar Airways noted that the global pandemic had affected its cargo operations. Ground handlers reduced the number of planes they could service, while travel restrictions and operational uncertainty contributed to flight cancellations.
Tailored cargo operations to efficiently and effectively maintain a state of readiness for its customers and partners. Its network planning has been coordinated to maximize belly carry while working with a reduced workforce.
Other adaptation and response measures included the conversion of six B777-300ERs to mini-freighters and fleet rotation.
According to IATA, airlines transport more than 52 million metric tons of goods per year, which represents more than 35% of world trade by value but less than 1% of world trade by volume.
With more than $6.8 billion worth of goods transported each year, air cargo is a critical enabler of global trade. Freight is essential for the rapid transport of time-sensitive goods and materials such as vaccines, medical supplies and equipment, thereby supporting global supply chains.
In March 2021, air cargo continued to grow strongly, with industry-wide freight tonne-kilometres increasing 4.4% from pre-crisis levels.

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