RUSCON has launched a new joint cargo delivery service from Turkey to Russia

The logistics operator RUSCON (belonging to the Delo group) has launched a new multimodal service for the joint delivery of cargo from Turkey to Russia via the port of Novorossiysk.
Within the service, RUSCON provides unloading of goods to Russia in any part of Turkey. The cargo is consolidated in Istanbul in the specialized warehouse of RUSCON. Further, the container is formed and delivered by ship to Novorossiysk. Cargo handlings at the NUTEP container terminal (the handling asset of DeloPorts). It is possible to reload and deliver goods to Novorossiysk on RUSCON’s own rail services and by car to any part of Russia.

Andrey Chernyshev, Senior Vice President of RUSCON, commented, “RUSCON has launched first mile delivery for its customers in another foreign country, implementing Israel, India, China and others. The minimum lot accepted in Turkey is only 100 kg, which allows small businesses, private entrepreneurs and individuals to actively use our service. Meanwhile, shipping to Russia from Istanbul is delivered in containers, providing security and responsiveness to our NUTEP partners. Meanwhile, the cargo was delivered to Russia from Istanbul warehouse in containers, ensuring safe and responsive handling by our NUTEP partners. We can always provide additional domestic delivery, thus ensuring a “door to door” service”.

Ruscon is part of Delo Group, 3PL operator for containerized freight delivery in Russia and CIS based on Delo Group assets. Ruscon extends its ability to provide end-to-end freight delivery services through a range of its own transportation assets: marine terminals, fleet of trucks, flatcars, inland terminals, customs and logistics storage facilities as well than a developed network of branches.

Delo Group is a Russian transport and logistics holding company, operating its own fleet and managing maritime container terminals in the Azov-Black Sea, Baltic and Far East basins, a network of container terminals railways, a fleet of containers and assembly platforms. The parent company of the Group is Delo Management Company.

The Group’s handling activity includes the DeloPorts holding company and Global Ports, one of the main container terminal operators. The Group’s transport and logistics activity is made up of the multimodal transport operator RUSCON and the intermodal container operator TransContainer. Shipping activity is represented by the Sakhalin Shipping Company (SASCO), one of the largest Russian shipping companies.
Source: Delo Group of Companies

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