Ruscon has launched an innovative method of handling grain freight wagons

In October 2021, the multimodal transport operator Ruscon, part of the Delo Group, launched a unique technology for the transshipment of safflower transported in bulk from boxcars to containers at the Ruscon-1 terminal in Novorossiysk. The new technology was developed and implemented by specialists of the Company. As a result, the processing time of a wagon has been reduced from 4 to 2.5 hours, says the Delo Group in its press release.

This is a very important indicator for a terminal with an annual throughput capacity of 45,000 TEU and simultaneous storage capacity of 2.8,000 TEU. The high speed of operations and synchronization with the port’s loading and unloading processes allow rapid allocation of vacant places for new cargo and accelerated container turnover.

“Shipments of grains such as safflower have not traditionally been massively containerized, but recently we have seen a different trend: customers have increasingly started to choose this way of exporting them. Thus, the development and implementation of the technology to speed up transshipment at the Ruscon-1 terminal was only a matter of time. Our goal is to provide a fast, comprehensive and quality service to our customers who have entrusted us with the transport. In the near future, we plan to reduce the processing time to two hours, which will further help us to increase the throughput capacity of the terminal and therefore to maximize the satisfaction of the needs of our customers ”, commented Igor Stolovitsky, CEO of Ruscon, on the launch of the new technology.

Delo Group is the largest transport and logistics holding company in Russia, managing maritime container terminals in the Azov-Black Sea, Baltic and Far Eastern basins, a network of rail container terminals, a container fleet and fitting out platforms.

The Group’s stevedoring activity includes DeloPorts holding and Global Ports, one of the main container terminal operators. The Group’s transport and logistics activity is made up of the multimodal transport operator Ruscon and the intermodal container operator TransContainer which owns and operates the largest fleet of containers and flat cars on the entire 1520 standard rail network. .

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