Saudi Institutions Lead List of Shanghai Engineering Programs

Three Gulf universities have been ranked in Automation and controlout of 200: Texas A&M University at Qatar (76-100), King Abdulaziz University (101-150) and Qatar University (151-200).

Two Saudi universities ranked among the top 200 in Metallurgical engineering: King Abdulaziz University (76-100) and King Saud University (101-150).

Other categories

No Arab universities are ranked in Aerospace Engineering, Marine and Ocean Engineering, Remote Sensing, and Mining and Mining Engineering.

Medical sciences

The 2022 lists include 68 medical science programs at 33 universities in ten Arab countries.

Feeding with milk

In lists of medical sciences, Feeding with milk was the only field that included a university in the Arab region among the top 100. It was the American University of Beirut, in the 76-100 group.

The University of Jordan and Sultan Qaboos University of Oman both placed 151-200. King Saud University and three Jordanian institutions (Al al-Bayt University, Hashemite University and Jordan University of Science and Technology) came next, ranking 201-300.

Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

In Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, 22 Arab universities, including 13 Egyptian ones, feature in this year’s ranking. The best performing universities were King Abdulaziz University and King Saud University, ranked 101-150, followed by Cairo University (151-200).

The next group (201-300) included Ain Shams University, Al-Azhar University, Alexandria University, Beni Suef University, Kafrelsheikh University, Mansoura University and Al Jouf University from Saudi Arabia.

The Egyptian universities of Minia and Zagazig are ranked 301-400, followed by ten universities in the 401-500 band: Assiut University, Helwan University, Misr University of Science and Technology, Suez Canal University, American University of Beirut , Qatar University, King Faisal University, Prince Sattam bin Abdulaziz University, Tabuk University and United Arab Emirates University.

clinical medicine

Of the 500 establishments classified in clinical medicine, 15 universities in the Arab region have been listed. The American University of Beirut and the Jordanian University of Science and Technology were part of the 151-200 group.

Three Arab universities arrived in the 201-300 group: the Egyptian University of Mansoura, Weill Cornell Medicine–Qatar and the University of the United Arab Emirates. Four Arab universities ranked 301-400: Ain Shams University of Egypt, Cairo University, Kuwait University and King Saud University of Saudi Arabia.

Six Arab universities were included in the 401-500 group: Egyptian University of Alexandria, Moroccan Mohammed V University, Qatar University, King Abdulaziz University of Saudi Arabia, King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for health sciences and the Tunisian University El Manar of Tunis.

Public health

Thirteen Arab higher education institutions were among the 500 universities ranked in Public health. Cairo University and Weill Cornell Medicine–Qatar were in a group ranked 101-150. Jordan University of Science and Technology was in the next group (151-200), followed by Ain Shams University, Mansoura University, American University of Beirut, King Abdulaziz University, King Saud University and Tunis El Manar University, all ranked 201.-300.

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Kuwait University ranked 301-400, while the final group (401-500) included Alexandria University, Qatar University and King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences .

Dentistry; medical technology

Only seven Arab universities, including five in Saudi Arabia, ranked Dentistry and Oral Sciences. King Saud University did better, entering the group 101-150. In the 201-300 group were Cairo University, Jordan University of Science and Technology, Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University, King Abdulaziz University, King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences and Princess Nourah bint Abdulrahman University.

Five Arab universities were among the 400 institutions ranked in medical technology. These were Ain Shams University, Alexandria University, Cairo University, Mansoura University and King Saud University, all in the 301-400 group.

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