Schiphol Airport announces resilience plans despite falling cargo volumes

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, the third busiest airport in Europe, has announced its commitment to relaunch cargo volumes amid declining global trends. Cargo volumes fell steadily in the first half of 2022. After the lifting of pandemic-related travel restrictions, air cargo has just returned to normal, but the pace is slower than expected.

Their total freight volume for the first half of 2022 fell by -13.8% to 721,746 tons compared to the corresponding period in 2021.

Anne Marie van Hemert, Head of Aviation Business Development, Schiphol Airport has a positive outlook amid the downward trend seen in the first half of 2022.

Anne Marie van Hemert, Aviation Business Development Manager, Schiphol Airport | © Meanwhile Communications

“Schiphol looks forward to remaining an attractive hub and to being the most sustainable airport with an efficient cargo flow”, says van Hemert, “Together with our cargo community, we want to shape the most intelligent of Europe.”

“The figures for 2021 and 2022 showed that Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is still the airport of choice for logistics companies and their customers. Now that the demand for passenger flights has increased, the available airport capacity must be shared,”.

Stimulus plans

From 2022, dnata will invest over 200 million euros in Amsterdam to operate one of the largest and most technologically advanced cargo facilities at Schiphol Airport.

Dubai National Air Travel Agency, (aka dnata), is an Emirati airport services company that provides ground handling, travel and inflight catering services for aircraft on five continents.

Half-year figures-Schiphol-Cargo

Schiphol Half-year freight figures 2022 | © Meanwhile Communications

By 2030, they will invest in the new Southeast Cargo Area facility to establish seamless cargo processes and zero emissions ground operations.

“During the first half of the year, innovation through our Smart Cargo Mainport program continued. Automated nomination was introduced as a new standard procedure for inbound freight, which notifies customers of incoming shipments prior to arrival. Going forward, additional measures will be implemented to secure cargo transfers.

Downtrend market analysis

Declining global trends include uncertainties surrounding global economic development, production and transportation issues in Asia, and war in Ukraine.

With inbound freight volumes down 17.5% to 364,376 tons and outbound freight volumes down -9.7% to 357,369 tons for the first half of 2022, this indicates a significant reduction in revenue. year-over-year business in 2021.

The loss of volumes of a major carrier operating from Russia and the global decline in volumes transported were the main causes of the decline observed in 2022.

  • The volume of goods leaving Schiphol for the Asian region decreased by 10.3% to 117,694 tons, and incoming freight from the region decreased by 14.6% to 123,704 tons.
  • The North American export market fell 9.1% to 84,786 tonnes and the inbound market from this region fell 10.5% to 58,101 tonnes.
  • Inbound freight entering the region from Latin America fell -22.3% to 46,827 tons, and outbound freight leaving the continent fell -14.6% to 35,242 tons.
  • Inbound freight from the Middle East market fell by 12.0% to 51,624 tons, and outbound freight fell by 5.7% to 57,567 tons.
  • Outbound freight decreased by 5.7% to 57,567 tons while inbound freight from the Middle East market fell by 12.0% to 51,624 tons.
  • Outbound trade to Africa fell 3.0% to 21,411 tons, while inbound traffic fell -12.0% to 41,962 tons.

Having received 1.66 million tonnes of cargo in 2021, Schiphol is the fourth largest air cargo hub in Europe. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol won the award for Cargo Airport of the Year in 2021. To support the success strategies of the air cargo community, Schiphol initiates and co-creates innovative cargo solutions . They are eager to revive the declining volume with their ambitious project, Smart Cargo Mainport Program (SCMP).

Will Schiphol Airport be able to increase its cargo volume to unprecedented levels? Share your valuable feedback below.

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