Settlement ensures Monrovia will guarantee equal access to transportation services – San Gabriel Valley Tribune

The city of Monrovia has reached a settlement agreement with the federal government to ensure people with disabilities have equal access to its transportation services program, the U.S. Department of Justice said on Tuesday, September 21.

In February 2018, Monrovia launched the GoMonrovia program to restructure its self-help service, which previously offered rides only to the elderly and people with disabilities. GoMonrovia offers discounted Lyft rides to people traveling within the program’s service area.

People with disabilities who needed wheelchair accessible vehicles could not use Lyft under the GoMonrovia program because the rideshare company did not provide such vehicles, according to the settlement agreement.

Instead, they were required to use transportation services provided by a separate company, Empire Transportation Services Inc., according to court documents. The Department of Justice’s review of compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act found that people using Lyft discounted routes could travel 24 hours a day, seven days a week, but people with disabilities using Empire Transportation were unable to travel. could not travel at night and some holidays such as Independence Day and Thanksgiving.

Accessible vehicles could not be booked through a website or over the phone. People who needed this service had to complete paper applications, unlike those who used the Lyft service.

The settlement agreement requires Monrovia to take several steps to ensure its program is ADA compliant. People with disabilities will have equivalent access to the GoMonrovia program, including the ability to travel at the same time as others.

As part of the deal, Monrovia did not admit that a qualified person with a disability was excluded from participation or was denied GoMonrovia program benefits on the basis of a disability.

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