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New Delhi: Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) (BSE: 532540, NSE: TCS) has been recognized as a Leader in Everest Group’s PEAK Matrix® for digital product engineering services1.

According to the report, TCS has made dedicated investments in the formation of strategic partnerships (embedded, hardware, software and electronics), the creation of laboratories (telematics, infotainment systems and connected vehicles) and the development of intellectual property (IP ) and solutions (cybersecurity, AR /VR, video analysis and IoT).

The report indicates that TCS has a well-balanced mix of client portfolios across geographies and industry verticals. Its willingness to engage through emerging pricing models such as IP-based, outcome-based, co-innovation, revenue sharing and risk reward models is highlighted as a key strength.

“TCS partners with product companies to drive innovation using IoT, AI and other digital technologies, to make their products cloud-native and intelligent, and to deliver rich experiences and transparent to customers”, mentioned Regu Ayyaswamy, Global Head, Internet of Things and Digital Engineering, TCS. “This leadership position is recognition of our vision, capabilities and ability to create technologically-enriched digital products with our end-to-end solutions.”

TCS offers a comprehensive portfolio of digital product engineering solutions and services to enable customers to have connected, intelligent, intelligent and autonomous products. TCS services cover ideation and design, product development, testing and certification, product support and maintenance. These services are embraced by customers in manufacturing, transportation, logistics, consumer products and goods, automotive, aerospace, energy, utilities, healthcare, life sciences and high technology. Key solutions include:

  • TCS Autonomous Development Platform: Accelerates end-to-end autonomous vehicle development with an AD/ADAS Algorithm Development Solution, an integrated data management solution that enables rapid data collection, analysis, validation, and virtualization.
  • TCS InTwin™: an industrial AI platform that enables users to rapidly create, deploy and manage advanced digital twins, and helps organizations reduce operating and maintenance costs, improve product quality, generate more revenue through increased throughput and making production lines agile and safe.
  • 5G SD-WAN Accelerator Solution: Accelerates SD-WAN branch deployment and provisioning on Whitebox, solution deployment testing, enables Service Function Chaining (SFC) functionality to dramatically reduce SD-WAN deployment cycle time and accelerate time to market, and drives pre-deployment testing using TCS’ test suites and smart applications.
  • TCS NeuSpeed: A hardware solution framework to improve the performance of AI applications at the edge layer to meet high real-time speed requirements.
  • CNOPS™ TCS: A cognitive network operations platform powered by AI, analytics, and predictive automation. It provides contactless operations for 5G, 4G, O-RAN and next-gen networks, as well as edge network analytics for 5G use cases.

TCS also works with major ISVs to create, transform and maintain their products. TCS software product engineering solutions include the TCS TreXaaS platform that enables decision making to move to the Anything-as-a-Service (AaaS) model, TCS digital platform engineering services to accelerate platform-focused business and adopt AaaS, TCS Cloud-Native Industrialization Platform for blueprinting, cloud-native development, quality assurance, SaaS product deployment and operations, and TCS INtelligent ASsurance Optimizer for testing complex products.

“TCS has become the leader of Everest Group’s digital product engineering services PEAK matrix® Valuation 2022. The company has created a separate business unit to provide digital product engineering services and has differentiated itself by forming specific GTM partnerships with technology providers to increase its digital capabilities and generate greater value for its clients. The company successfully delivers end-to-end product development services, backed by investments in labs, centers of excellence and IPs and solutions in areas such as infotainment, 5G, software testing, VLSI design and connected healthcare. Given the growing need for enterprises to design secure products, it has invested heavily in establishing a dedicated center of excellence for IoT security and in forming partnerships with cybersecurity solution providers. », mentioned Akshat Vaid, Vice President of Everest Group.

“TCS leverages its investments in innovation, technical and engineering excellence, and deep contextual knowledge across industries to help customers create a borderless organization, enable rapid and automated actions, and create experiences rich for customers with a clear objective”, added Regu Ayyaswamy.

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