Texas A&M Transportation Services Guides Fans To – And Through – Football Gameday

Transport services provide information to help fans get to the match and Aggieland this football season.

Texas A&M Transportation Services

Texas A&M University Transportation Services have compiled a comprehensive collection of game day traffic, parking and pedestrian information to help football fans stay on track and on time when cruising. in Aggieland this fall.

The guide is available on Transport Services Football day web page and on Destination Aggieland.

“We are delighted that everyone is coming to campus and have made improvements and adjustments to our services to provide the best possible experience for our fans,” said Peter Lange, associate vice president of Texas A&M Transportation Services. “We ask fans to plan ahead so they know what to expect and to avoid traffic jams and road closures.”

Virtual parking permits replace hang tags

Texas A&M Transportation Services has made the switch to virtual parking permits and away from traditional hang tags. Customers with a valid Texas A&M permit who wish to park on campus for football game days can continue to do so as in previous seasons.

With no hang tags anymore, customers need to have their permit barcode information on their smartphones or printed on paper and ready to present when they go to the checkout at the gate. from the event parking lot. Customers can find their license barcode and license plate information by visiting transport.tamu.edu and logging into My Account. Once logged in, scroll to the bottom of the home page to see the barcode information.

Fans are advised to ensure that the license plate attached to their licenses matches the vehicle they plan to drive for the match, arrive early, and expect queues longer than normal at land entrances, as permit holders and cashiers are adjusting to this new process.

Maps and additional information on match day parking are available on site Football parking plan.

Tailgating locations changed due to Aggie Park closure

Aggie Park is rearranged and will be closed for the duration of the 2021 football season. Fans keen to hatchback this year should visit the Texas A&M tailgating site for available locations or consider more remote parking areas with a bus service to the stadium and large grassy areas: Lots 47, 50 and 51; Lots 18, 73 and 98; and lots 110, 113 and Fan Field.

Improved, extended shared mobility services

Fans have the option of navigating the campus using the Veo bike share service. Simply download the Veo app to unlock any Veo bike and start rolling.

New on campus this year, the Veo Cosmos, electric bikes without pedals. Fans who choose to ride a Cosmo should be aware that speeds are limited in densely populated areas and bikes will slow down for safety reasons as you approach those areas. Go to the game and drop your Veo in one of the three designated areas in Destination Aggieland.

Areas of the campus near the stadium are designated as No wheel zone on match days to protect pedestrians. Riders are asked to avoid these areas or to dismount during their passage.

Carpool and taxi services will be available during and after the game in lot 30e and curbside at designated locations. For more details, see the Football day webpage on the Transportation Services website or in the ‘carpooling’ section under the ‘football’ tab in the Destination Aggieland app.

Road closures and traffic

Pre-match road closures start four hours before the game or at 8 a.m., whichever is later. Additional road closures will begin early in the fourth quarter in anticipation of post-game traffic.

Transportation services are asking community members not planning to attend the game to avoid driving on Wellborn Road and George Bush Drive as more traffic is expected.

Destination Aggieland now available in Texas A&M app

Destination Aggieland, now available in the Texas A&M mobile app, is the premier resource for year-round event information and game-day event planning. Use Destination Aggieland to get pre- and post-match traffic and parking information, parking reservation and payment, shuttle routes, and more.

Free shuttle service

Day shuttles operate on and off campus from three hours before the game until one hour after the game. Real-time shuttle routes and shuttle locations are accessible through the Texas A&M mobile app.

the Bryan Town Center Game Day Shuttle is the only incentive parking shuttle on match days and operates from three hours before the game to one hour after the game with service provided throughout the game. Fans can board the free shuttle from Regent Street in front of the Clara B. Mounce Public Library for service directly to Kyle Field.

University resources

Aggie Football’s timetables and ticketing, as well as information on the clear bag policy, cool zones and more, can be found on the Aggie Athletics website. Information on COVID-19 policies is available on the university’s website COVID-19 directives Web page.

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