Texas A&M Transportation Services provides pre-week hour and move-in advice

In support of Hello week and Move in Activities, Texas A&M University Transportation Services provides additional traffic management in heavily congested areas during rush hour August 21-25.

To allow for a more gradual approach to moving in, registration this year will be by appointment only for most residents. As a result, drivers in the campus community will experience increased traffic throughout the week and are advised to plan accordingly when traveling to and around campus.

“Our top priority during this time is safety,” said Peter Lange, associate vice president of transportation services. “We ask the community to exercise caution while driving on and around campus and we ask our cyclists to be extremely careful when cycling in the designated move-in areas.”

Short-term unloading areas are available at designated locations on campus to reduce congestion and facilitate the move-in of arriving students. These areas will be managed by agents and indicated by signs.

Visit the Parking card for the fall move-in to know where to park and unloading areas.

Cyclists are encouraged to use extreme caution as some bike lanes will be blocked during move-in week.

Areas to proceed with caution:

  • In the southern areas of the campus, students and parents can access the temporary unloading areas on Bizzell, Lewis and Coke streets. Transport Services agents will manage operations in these areas.
  • In the northern area of ​​the campus, transportation service agents will manage operations on Hogg Street with authorized curbside unloading. Curb parking or unloading is prohibited on Jones Street and Central Houston Street. Residents of Hart Hall will have limited access to four spaces in Lot 19 designated and marked as temporary unloading areas and Lot 22 on weekends.

Visit Transportation Services move-in page for more information. Information on the residence is available from Residence life.

About Texas A&M Transportation Services: Transportation Services is a team of empowered professionals dedicated to providing efficient, dynamic and innovative fleet, parking and transit services to the community. We support the teaching, research and public service mission of Texas A&M University, with an emphasis on customer service and communication.

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