Tragedy at Kilmarnock; Local transportation services fall mask requirement; Petersburg teenager arrested

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) – Nationwide, mask mandates are disappearing on public transportation after a federal judge overturned the CDC requirement, calling it “illegal,” and now local transportation services react. Learn more by reading our top headlines.

“We will rebuild it”

Shock and heartbreak in Kilmarnock town center after a large fire tore through several buildings, killing one person.

The fire early yesterday morning destroyed seven apartments and several businesses on Irvington Road.

Authorities say the fire started in a ground-floor apartment and quickly spread due to strong winds.

Several people we spoke to say these businesses represent the heart of Kilmarnock and it will take everything this small town has to rebuild.

One of the city’s most popular restaurants, Northern Neck Burger, is also closing indefinitely after the fire, store owner Jay Wolfson said in a Facebook post.

“It’s our busiest time of the year; that’s when we make the most money,” Wolfson said. “From our staff to our employees, not having that, or potentially not having that, is going to be painful.”

Other locals, like Henry Neal, say most of the businesses on the Strip that were destroyed by the fire had been in business longer than he was alive.

“I think it’s going to be a big hit. The barber shop was there long before I was born, and the C&D store was there long before I was born,” Neal said.

But those who grew up around these small-town Kilmonack staples say rebuilding is inevitable.

Local transportation services are responding to mask-lifting mandates

After the TSA no longer mandates masks on public transportation, the GRTC will no longer require face coverings to use its public transportation services.

After the TSA no longer mandates masks on public transportation, the GRTC will no longer require face coverings to use its public transportation services.

It comes after a federal judge in Florida rejected a warrant extension, citing it exceeds the authority of US health officials in their response to COVID-19.

On Tuesday, a spokesperson for Richmond International Airport (RIC) said masks would no longer be required for passengers inside the airport.

It’s a change that some passengers were already taking advantage of, like Connor Powell, who was returning to Richmond.

“It was a bit bare, you know, without the masks. It’s kind of like a convenience thing these days,” Powell said. “But it was good to get back to normal, you know, to get back on track.”

Ride-sharing companies like Uber and Lyft have also both ended their mask requirements.

Passengers at the GRTC on Tuesday morning were a little confused about whether or not to keep a mask with them.

“I saw the news last night about the release of the warrant, and I was hoping it would be different on the bus today, but I brought my mask just in case,” said Zakari Sloan, a driver.

It’s a change some runners hoped wouldn’t happen in central Virginia for a few months.

“As long as the virus is there, I think it should be worn,” said Ramone Jones, a runner.

Teenager arrested in 15-year-old Petersburg murder

Sha-Ron Parham, 18, was arrested in the shooting death of a 15-year-old from Petersburg.(NBC12)

Tyjuan Crenshaw II was shot at Lieutenant’s Run Apartments on April 2.

More than two weeks later, the police announce that an arrest has been made.

Sha-ron Parham, 18, was taken into custody with the help of US Marshals.

He is currently being held behind bars pending his court appearance.

Governor Youngkin’s Gas Tax Suspension Update

Virginia State Capitol.
Virginia State Capitol.((Source: Capital Press Service))

Help at the pump could be on the way for millions of Virginians. Governor Youngkin’s proposal to suspend the state gasoline tax for three months – is moving forward.

The House Finance Committee passed the proposal along party lines yesterday, with all Democrats on the committee in opposition.

The proposal has been sent to the House Appropriations Committee – which is also expected to pass it, but it may face further hurdles in the Senate.

The proposed gas tax suspension would apply from May through July, saving drivers about 26 cents per gallon.

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Today will be mostly sunny with highs in the mid 60s.

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